Friday, 12 September 2014

It's official. I've got the travel bug.

Living in Doha, I have easy access to parts of the world that were never previously on my radar as holiday destinations.

I'd always heard stories about Dubai but never contemplated going myself. Not because it was somewhere I didn't want to visit, but because it just seemed so far away, and the lure of the year round sunshine of the Canary Islands (and the four hour flight!) has always won when I've come to thinking about where to go on holiday.

Now, Dubai is a mere hour away (it used to take me that long to commute from my house into London for work!) by plane. It would be rude not to visit, wouldn't it?!

So, in a few weeks time, Jemma and I will be jetting off to Dubai to celebrate my 27th birthday, and have a much needed break from the Doha bubble. I'm so excited to see what it's like - I hear it's a world away from Qatar - and of course il report back with a blog post! Literally can't wait.

Matt and I are also planning a trip to Sri Lanka. The flight is about 6 hours from Doha, and it's another flight that from London would have just seemed too long, so again it would never have crossed my mind to consider Sri Lanka as a possible holiday destination when I was living back in the UK.

We've been studying a guide book and consulting maps, planning our tour of the south west coast and the things we'd like to see and do. It's exciting!

It's lovely because the next few months are peppered with lots of things to look forward to. Between my trips to Dubai and Sri Lanka, my wonderful mum is coming out to Doha to visit :) The last time she was here I was in a wheelchair and had just come out of intensive care so we were so limited with the things we could see and do, so this time I'm going to make sure she sees all that there is to see!

The Maldives is also on my hit list (I can't stop googling water villas!) but that's an adventure hopefully for another time :)

Where would you love to go on holiday, if money and distance were no object?



  1. I'll be doing a similar Dubai trip for my 30th (eek!) in November. Lovely to know it's such a short trip.

    1. Ahh amazing - have a fab time! Have you been before?x