Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I'm being a really crap blogger this week.

Thats not to say I'm not normally a crap blogger (!) but this week I am being especially bad. Lots going on at the moment that is stressing me out (my skin is evidence of this. Ergh.) so blogging hasn't been very high on my agenda.

I'm currently trotting round my apartment with my trusty Botanics: Shine Away clay mask on my face, looking like a swamp monster, whilst I put laundry on the go and attempt to pack my suitcase for Dubai.

I thought I'd share some of my go-to products that always end up in the case when I head off on holiday.



I bought this product after reading countless rave reviews online (including a post by Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later. She could, quite frankly, sell a bin bag to me, I trust her judgement that much when it comes to all things beauty). This was a whopping FORTY English pounds which still sickens me a little to this day. If I wasn't on a Middle Eastern wage I don't think I ever would have been able to justify this purchase. In fact, I still can't. What was I thinking? You are probably wondering why I'm packing it in my suitcase if I'm so unsure about it but the truth of the matter is, it does 'something' to my hair. I'm just not sure quite what. It is on the basis that it does 'something' that it always comes with me. My hair is at a length where it certainly needs something to do 'something' to it, and Oribe fills this function. I should probably just overcome my fear of having my hair cut in Doha but an incident with a scissor happy Lebanse man has left me permanently traumatised. Story for another time..


Kind of a staple in any hygeine conscious human beings essentials kit, travelling or not. I'm working my way through the range of Borjois deodorants at the moment, and this lime green offering is my latest purchase. It smells super fresh, and there is absolutely no danger of losing it in my bathroom. Not like my sun cream, which I can't find anywhere.


Good old Johnsons face wipes are one of my most essential travel products. I'd go crazy without face wipes I think. They are just so useful. These are oil control ones which right now my skin desperately needs. What on earth is going on with my face?!!


I love Batiste. I've tried countless other dry shampoo brands, including Oribe, and nothing sorts my hair out quite like a blast of Batiste. I've got them in literally every fragrance going, and the one in the photo is actually a conditioning mist with Argan Oil that I picked up in the UK. You can't get Batiste (or any dry shampoo, to my knowledge) in Doha, so my mum is bringing out an extra suitcase full of the stuff when she comes to visit in 3 weeks. Thanks mummy :)


I love this dry pampering oil by Boots No7. If I'm wearing a skirt or a dress I will not leave the house without oiled legs. It just makes legs look so much better.


Oh look, another body oil. This one is a Shea butter scented offering from Dove and it smells delightful. It contains a subtle shimmer so I like to smother my arms and chest with this for a night out for a bit of a glow.


To be honest I don't use this moisturiser for its moisturising benefits. I use it because it's the best smelling product in the whole entire world. This is Amber Romance by Victoria's Secret, and every time I wear it someone compliments the fragrance. I honestly couldn't describe the scent but it's just...amazing. Mmm. (Yes I'm sniffing the bottle now)


Hugo Boss Orange is my summer scent. I wear it as a daytime and/or evening fragrance depending on my mood as I think it's suitable for both. As Doha is in a permanent state of summer, you can imagine this gets a fair bit of use!


Obviously it would be criminal to go on holiday without makeup, and would give the folk of Dubai a bit of a fright. Without tipping the entire contents of my makeup bag upside down for a photo, I thought I'd photograph my trusty Naked palette to represent makeup as part of my holiday essentials.

The list goes on further of course to include additional toiletries, shampoo, sun cream, etc etc but these are just a few of the products that will be making their way into my case.

If there's any room left after the shoes and clothes go in, that is...

What are your go-to holiday products?


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