Sunday, 21 September 2014

This week has been one of my less enjoyable weeks in Doha.

Due to some very unfortunate, highly annoying, and hugely stressful circumstances, iv found myself having to look for a new place to live. This saddens me greatly, as I love my apartment in Doha. I love the location, the facilities, my room, the decor of the lounge, the pool area, the staff. Matt lives over the road so it's so easy to see him. I really, really resent having to move and don't want to but if I'm to stay out here and complete the time frame I have in my head, I have to put my happiness first. Unfortunately, in order to do that I have to find a new home.

I'm also not quite ready to say goodbye to my friendly neighbour!

So iv been apartment hunting this week. A real tedious job as everything out here is so expensive if you're going at it alone.

I've literally got no news to report so this is going to be the blandest blog post. Iv not really been anywhere, or done anything. I finally attempted some exercise this week however, and walking at the Pearl with Mohammed. He picked me up in his snazzy Porsche and we whizzed over to the Pearl to begin an hour of brisk walking in 40 degree heat. Little bit warm!! Mohammed sent me a screen shot of his workout app so I could see our progress.

Iv been spending a lot of evenings with Matt which has been lovely. He flies home this week for his 30th birthday which is the day after my 27th, so I'll only have a day or two of missing him as I fly to Dubai with Jemma this week for our girls mini break! So excited. Excited to blog about the trip :)




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