Sunday, 7 September 2014

I am so happy that we have Boots stores in Doha.

I love the familiarity of it - knowing that I can walk in and find exactly what I'm looking for pretty much every time, which in a country full of shops that are completely inconsistent with their stock, is a real breath of fresh air!

On one visit to the Landmark Mall branch a couple of months ago, I spotted the Boots Botanics: 'The Power of Plants' range. I was in the market for skin care products, and this range piqued my intrest.
They had a variety of different products for different skin types, but I decided to go for the 'Shine Away' range (40+ degree heat...says it all!)

I picked up 3 of the products available in this line, which claims to be best for oily to combination skin, containing willowbark to help keep pores clear. I've been using these products regularly for the past couple of months so I feel I can comment fairly on my experience with them:

I absolutely love this face wash! I use it every morning in the shower and at night before bed. It lathers up wonderfully and has a gorgeous fragrance (it smells exactly like 'CK Into You for Her' perfume) Based on this I don't know how suitable this would be for those with sensitive skin. Since iv started using this product I've noticed that not only is my skin a lot clearer, but it has delivered on its promise to keep shine at bay. Excellent product for a desert dweller!

In the past I've never been one for a 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' routine (criminal, I know), but I love using this after the cleansing mousse for a double dose of mattifying action. I use this once a day at night to help remove any impurities. This has a slightly more chemical smell to it which I can't say I'm too keen on but I try to overlook this and remember the good it's doing!

This is a deep cleansing clay mask which I love using once a week as a real treat for my skin. I slather it all over my face, concentrating on my T zone, and then usually call my parents on FaceTime to give them a bit of a fright ;) After about 15 minutes or so il wash it off and be left with amazingly clean and matte feeling skin.

I've read that when skin is too dry, it produces even more excess oil to combat this, so in an attempt to maintain a good balance for my skin I will be purchasing the Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream (which contains SPF 15, a bonus!) - then I can officially say I'm on board the cleanse, tone and moisturise bandwagon!

I'd also be keen to try the 'Ultra Calm' Botanics range from Boots - I'm intrigued by the fact that this contains marshmallow. Must remember it's not edible!

For more information on the Boots Botanics range and to find the products best suited to your skin, click here!

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