Wednesday, 17 September 2014

"There are big ships and little ships but the best ship is friendship"

I have no idea who that quote belongs to, but I remember the day I left primary school my best friend wrote it in my leaving book, and it's always stayed with me.

Moving abroad makes you view your friendships in a totally different way - it can make or break you, but luckily for me my friendships with my best friends back home have remained perfectly intact.

I don't speak to my best girlfriends (and my best guy friend, hellooo Sean) all that often, in fact not nearly as much as I wish I did. The thing with us is that I know that no matter how long it is between our last to our next conversation, we always pick up where we left off, as if we haven't ever been apart. I have a small handful of friends back home with whom I have this relationship and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. I know that they are always there for me, and I am always there for them too, no matter if we haven't talked in a while.

Tonight I was flicking through my old photos on my iPad and came across some snaps with my friends from home, so I thought I'd write this post and dedicate it to the besties! Miss you guys x



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