Monday, 8 September 2014

At 3pm, a 4x4 pulled up at our apartments to pick up Matt and I for our very first desert safari.

Our driver, MJ, cranked up the music, put his foot down and whisked us (at about 90 miles an hour, zig zagging between the traffic, one hand holding a phone to his ear and the other texting on a second first) about an hour out of the city to the desert.

We pulled up outside a tent, home to a man and his two camels. While MJ deflated the tyres of the 4x4, Matt and I climbed (not particularly gracefully) up onto the camels and had a little trot about.

Matts camel photo bombed his selfie...

And then decided to race the 4x4s...

While mine was happy to stand and pose for photos with me...

Tyres deflated, we said goodbye to our furry friends, jumped back in the 4x4 and headed out onto the dunes.

MJ put his foot down and accelerated up the steep, sandy slopes...

Then skilfully skidded us, at speed, down the other side, burying us in a flurry of sand...

Only to do it all over again up the next dune!

Some of the dunes were insane - huge mountains of sand with the sea directly below us. Just when we thought it wouldn't be possible, he would steer us expertly down the dune, throwing us from side to side in the 4x4 as he navigated the slopes. So much fun!!

We stopped at the 'Inland Sea' (a stretch of sea in the desert, a bit like a big lake) to take some pictures and stretch our legs.

Back in the car, we carried on our journey much in the same way, up and down and sideways, and being thrown all round the back seat like a pair of rag dolls, before reaching our final sight seeing destination - the border of Saudi Arabia.

By this point, the sun was setting, casting a gorgeous orange glow across the water. It was beautiful.

It was time for our Arabian desert adventure to come to an end, and for MJ to take us home. We stopped at a petrol station en route to inflate the tyres, and then hit the highway back to the city.

Such a fun day - I'd highly recommend it to anyone, and I'm looking forward to taking my mum on her very own desert adventure when she comes to stay in October.

We booked through Inbound Tours Qatar, and paid 350QR for a four hour private desert safari. Apart from MJs questionable driving skills on the public roads, I'd recommend this tour company to anyone looking to do this trip. Buckle up!

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