Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sometimes a girl just needs a good old pampering day.

Today I was off work, so after a very lazy start (I set my alarm for 8:30 for Pilates and promptly went straight back to sleep), Matt and I wandered down to the pool for a couple of hours of sun.

My lovely friend Vicky had bought me a voucher for the St Regis Remede Spa when she was over here last NYE, so I rang up the Regis and asked if they had any availability. They did, so I booked myself in for my 30 minute customised massage at 4pm.

I'm very lucky in that the St Regis is literally right on my doorstep.

I wandered over 30 minutes early, and made the most of their spa facilities (a jacuzzi and a steam room, it's a real shame there isn't a bit more too it. A sauna would have been lovely. Not that I'm fussy or anything.)

It's really one giant wet room, decked out with blue and white pearl tiles.

After a long soak in the jacuzzi, I dried off and changed into my St Regis robe, and slipped my feet into soft slippers, before padding to the treatment room with my therapist.

My message was amazing! 30 minutes of pure bliss. Afterwards, my therapist led me to the relaxation room, tucked me up under a fluffy blanket, told me to help myself to fresh fruit and brought me a steaming mug of Moroccan mint tea.

Feeling utterly relaxed, I headed home before I dozed off to continue my pampering day with painting my nails and a face mask.

Being a girl is just so much more fun!


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