Saturday, 13 September 2014

Normally I'd round up the week with a 'Doha Diaries' picture post, but apart from my day in the desert, I haven't really been too snap happy with my iPhone.

I almost said I've had a really quiet week, but thinking about it, it hasn't been quiet at all! - dune bashing, dinner with Matt at the Anvil Rooms (amazing...I over ordered, as usual... and now I'm craving the bread basket, damnit), dinner with the girls at Paul, all on top of a very busy week at work.

So instead, I thought I'd throw in a post about the things I'm currently...


24 - Matt bought the entire box set (about a million episodes) when he was last back in the UK, so we've been working our way through this a few nights a week. It's flawed in so many ways but I'm absolutely hooked!


I won't say anything on this just yet as I plan to write a post on this book once I finish it - but the above comments from the critics sum it up perfectly!


Over the summer I decided that I would love to learn French. Our colleagues from BeIN Paris spent the World Cup with us here in Doha and their English was fantastic - it made me feel so inadequate that I couldn't speak their language at all. I downloaded an audio book by Paul Noble to my iPad which has been brilliant so far. I just need to keep at it so I can learn more than how to say 'I have prepared the coffee for you'!

Are you watching any good series? Reading anything you'd recommend?


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