Monday, 15 September 2014

Last night turned into an impromptu date night.

Matt fancied a drink after work, and I felt like I needed one after an attack of social anxiety at my first beginners salsa class (I bolted out of the class after 20 mortifying minutes of making a massive cock up of the steps whilst dancing with a bloke I've never met, all in front of a class of people who seemed to 'get' the simple beginner steps when my uncoordinated feet couldn't - I knew I couldn't do this for a minute more let alone for the rest of the hour so I legged it. Shameful.)

He met me from work and we headed over to the Intercon. Neither of us had eaten so I suggested Mykonos. Iv been to Mykonos twice before, and on the last visit my flatmate Sara had had the most amazing beef dish, so I was keen to try it.

In case you hadn't guessed, Mykonos is a Greek restaurant, tucked away in the grounds of the Intercon, overlooking the beautiful pool.

The inside of the restaurant was empty, but the little white walled terrace outside had a real holiday buzz about it. Big parties of people eating and drinking, sat at white tables with blue accents, underneath a canopy hung with lanterns. It certainly felt like being on holiday.

We had a table for two by the fountain.

We both ordered main courses - sea bass and mash potato for Matt, and beef souvlaki for me. Both were delicious, but my beef souvlaki was something else! So so good. We sat and chatted and relaxed to the sound of the running water beside us.
After dinner, we moved from Greece back to Arabia to 'our place' for shisha and a cocktail to really unwind.

Even though I know how bad it is for you, I really enjoying smoking shisha once in a while and quite literally get a buzz from it! Feeling a bit heady from a combination of our hits of shisha and mojitos, we decided to head home for an episode of 24.

Matt disappeared in a cloud of double apple shisha smoke, and I was left to pay the bill ;)




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