Monday, 1 September 2014

Starting to appreciate waking up to this view more. Stepping out onto the balcony and taking in the city and the Arabian Gulf - pretty amazing!

My friendly neighbour Cecilia has been sneaking down the balcony and into my room a few nights running. Iv been glad of the company - I miss having an animal so much! I don't have the time to look after a cat or dog here so beautiful Cecilia is my adopted pet :)

A Friday off work could only mean one thing! Brunch at Spice Market with Dave, Ali, Jemma, Harriet and Bex. Sushi, never ending pitchers of kumquat mojitos and a dessert station that gives Willy Wonkas chocolate factory a run for its money!

Cider and Chelsea with my man. I cooked him spag Bol in time for kick off on Saturday night, popped open chilled cider and put our channel on the telly. Excellent wife skills if I do say so myself! Delighted to have gained a good few points for my Fantasy league team from this match ;)
Tomorrow I have a day off, so I plan to spend it snoozing by the pool, swimming, and then trying out a brand new restaurant in the evening. Blog post to follow!


  1. Yay I finally found your blog! I love it!! Didn't know you could cook ha! Please teach me! Off to read some more now xx

    1. Haha hello gorg! Glad you like it :) I absolutely cannot cook, i just blagged it and hoped for the best ;) Lets do something soon!x