Friday, 9 January 2015

After nine wonderful days back home in the UK, I'm now back in the sandpit and straight back in to the swing of things.

I was back to work the morning after my flight, and my evenings have mainly been spent catching up with my man, which has been lovely. Distance most certainly does make the heart grow fonder!

I've given myself tonight as a 'get things done' kind of evening - sort my nails out as they are a shambles (priorities!), laundry, unpack, etc. In an hour or so I may even be wild and venture to the gym. Then I will be FaceTiming home to speak to this little man. That face is just too cute!

Backtracking slightly, my last full day in England was a lovely one.

Mum, dad and I met up with my Auntie Jan and Clive for lunch at Nonna's Kitchen, where I over indulged on pasta, and Nutella ice cream. This picture is a classic 'WAIT! Nobody start eating, I need to take a photo!' shot...

'Okay, now you can start.'

The Nutella ice cream was AMAZING. If you ever happen to be in Hoddesdon, swing by for a cup or cone of their freshly made gelato, but go for three scoops, not one like I did, as I really wanted more!

That night, mum and I went to see CATS in London. We had seen it together before when I was younger, so it was only right that we went to see it together again whilst it's on for a limited time at the London Paladium. If you are interested, you can buy tickets here.

I think Molly wanted to come with us!

It was very different to how I remember it, but I suppose as a child, seeing cats leaping around the audience was an entirely more magical experience than seeing actors in cat-effect leotards leaping around the audience. I am very pleased to say that Nicole Scherzinger did justice to 'Memories', which I think is the part of the show I was most looking forward to!

The next morning, after a final bacon sandwich and a giant squeeze of the cat, my mum and dad drove me to the airport. It was really hard saying goodbye this time, and I definitely had tears in my eyes as I disappeared through the barriers. It certainly never gets easier!

Which brings us up to date with my week - how is your week so far?

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