Monday, 26 January 2015

After work tonight, I took myself off to B/Attitude Spa for a bit of 'me' time.

I really like B/Attitude Spa, and want to do a full review with some pictures next time I go. Located on the second floor of Beverley Hills Tower in the city centre, it is ideal (and dangerous for my bank balance) to pop in on my way home. The staff are super friendly, and the prices are so reasonable.

Deciding that my hands and feet were both in desperate need of some TLC, I booked in for 'fluff and buff nails' (super quick shape and polish), and the spa treatment pedicure.

My nail tech, Mimi, proceeded to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things to my feet as I sat back in my chair, sipping ginger tea.

First, she shaped and filed my nails, before a brief exfoliating massage before a soak in the foot spa. This was followed by a thorough buffing of the soles of my feet. It's amazing how dry your feet can become in the desert from wearing sandals all the time, so this part of the treatment was most welcome!

She then applied a cooling treatment (left photo) - a thick, blue paste that she applied all over my feet with a paintbrush, before wrapping me up in cling-film. My feet were then wrapped up in hot towels, which was so lovely until the cooling treatment kicked in and left me with very cold feet indeed!

Once this treatment was soaked off, she then applied a softening treatment (right photo) in the same manner, before cocooning my feet in soft pink slippers.

I was left with gorgeously smooth feet, which she then massaged (bliss) before applying my polish. I opted for a pure white polish which she softened with a top coat of subtle glitter. My feet aren't entirely photogenic so I didn't take a photo - the outcome was pretty but not something I would choose next time.

Onto the hands, and I opted for OPI's 'Fluffy Bunny', which looked a lot whiter in the bottle than it applied on the nails, even after three coats.

As you can see, the coverage even after three coats isn't the best, and the colour is an off-white, with an almost grey tinge to it. At first I was disappointed as I do love a soft white nail (my dream combo is Barry M's 'Coconut' topped with 'Pearl' from their Silk collection), but it's growing on me. It is an entirely wearable shade, and perfect for a subtle office nail. Again, not a colour I would be in a hurry to choose again, but you live and learn :)

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