Sunday, 18 January 2015

Back home in the UK, I was always firmly a bath girl.

There was nothing I would like more than running a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath...and nothing I would like less than getting out of it on a freezing cold winter morning!

Since I don't have a bath in my Doha apartment, I've become a real shower convert, and I thought I would share some of my favourite shower products. I have written about these before, but wanted to talk in a little more detail about why I love these products so much!

Over the past months, I have built up quite a collection of these gorgeous shower gels from Bourjois Paris. I had never seen these before until I spotted them in the supermarkets of Doha, and I think by now I have tried every single one stocked in my local Carrefour!

Not only does the packaging look amazing, but each one smells gorgeous. Now that I have amassed so many, I like to use different ones for different reasons.

Left to right...

REFRESH ME! Hydra-fresh shower gel
What the bottle says: Aquatic fragrance - blue lagoon flowers. Moisturised & revitalised skin.
I like to use this gel in the morning - it smells so fresh and I really feel like it wakes me up. I have no idea what 'blue lagoon flowers' smell like but I can imagine them smelling exactly like this! I love the pearlised, creamy blue gel formula, and the scent reminds me of the ocean - definitely worth getting out of bed for.

What the bottle says: Optimum nutrition shower oil, Beta-carotene, vitamin E. Sunny vanilla fragrance.
I love to use this one if I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra moisturiser, as it is a shower oil rather than a gel, although it lathers up beautifully just like the others. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent - so gorgeous that I keep stopping typing to sniff the bottle!

BEAUTIFY ME! Velvet shower cream
What the bottle says: Powdery fragrance - Lily flower. Radiant & silky skin.
This one is reserved for my evening shower, as I feel like it is a bit more luxurious and pampering than the others. It is a thick, white, creamy gel that lathers up like a dream, with a subtle floral fragrance that reminds me of bubble bath (transporting me back to my bath roots!)

What the bottle says: Exfoliating & nourishing shower gel. Smooth & satin skin. Exfoliating particles & jojoba oil.
I love using this multi purpose product, in that it offers an exfoliator and moisturiser all in one. The exfoliating beads are subtle, but thorough, and the jojoba oil really softens my skin. I find the fragrance quite unisex - it isn't my favourite of the scents but I still like it, and love using this for when I feel my skin needs a bit of extra care.

I will always be a bath girl at heart, but showers have become all the better for these gems.

Have you tried these products, or any of the other products in the Bourjois Body range?

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