Friday, 16 January 2015

Earlier in the week, I was very kindly invited along with the gorgeous Harriet from Pearl & Peach to the official launch of The Entertainer Qatar 2015.

We got ourselves ready and headed over to the Grand Hyatt hotel, where the event was being held, in the Rocca terrace. As ever, the Hyatt put on a great evening.

Complimentary bubbles in hand, we made our way inside, and were soon joined by two lovely colleagues of Harriet's. As usual, Harriet looked gorgeous, rocking a high necked midi dress.

We perused through samples of the original Entertainer voucher book, as well as the Entertainer Travel 2015 edition, which comes free this year with the original book. Two mega savings books for the price of one!

Outside, Chef Sean of Grand Hyatt fame and his team had cooked up a seafood storm - fresh scallops, oysters, and oyster Bloody Mary's.

Bottom's up!

Oyster shots downed, and scallops sampled for the first time (I'm not sold!), we headed back inside for the main event.

For those unfamiliar to the concept of the Entertainer, allow me to explain.

Until now, the Entertainer has existed in the form of a voucher book, containing hundreds of two for one offers for restaurants, spas, travel and leisure activities, available across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

CEO Donna Benton started up The Entertainer solo in Dubai in 2001, starting with one print book and quickly taking her company international in the years that followed, expanding the product portfolio as she went. Be sure to check out Donna's story here - she's pretty inspiring!

We were lucky enough to be treated to a presentation by the lady herself, explaining all about the Entertainer app*, the brand new accompanying product to the original Entertainer voucher books.

The app is a brilliant idea, allowing consumers a choice to purchase their vouchers either in print format, or to have these available at the click of a button on their smart phone. A great alternative for those who (like I probably would!) continually forget to bring their vouchers with them. The original book is pretty hefty and not practical for carrying around, so this app is perfect to have with you at all times. Not to mention, any time new two for one offers are added, the app updates itself. Genius!

After Donna's presentation, we had a play around with the app to check out all of the functions.

The app allows you to search for offers by category, as well as allowing you to group your favourite deals altogether to refer back to.

There is also a handy tool that shows you how much you have saved so far using your Entertainer app.

Not only that, but the app shows you how close you are to the nearest outlets offering discounts contained within your app.

We were very lucky to walk away with a complimentary code for the app (among some other lovely treats from partners of the Entertainer), so tonight Matt and I are heading to the Astor Grill at the St Regis to try out the app for the first time.

The  Entertainer app is great because it makes restaurants you wouldn't normally visit seem a lot more accessible, as you know your meal will be that bit cheaper.

Do you use the Entertainer? Would you use the app?


  1. I purchased this app a few weeks back and I'm so excited to use it.

    1. Let me know whee you go for your first meal using the app, Lou-Ann!

      It was so easy to use when I went for dinner on Friday night.

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