Saturday, 24 January 2015

I can't quite believe what a fun, busy week this has been.

Between work, Pilates, lunching with Rosalyn, training for the Colour Run, playing sport, watching sport, and seeing a huge American artist performing live, I have barely had a chance to miss Matt, who has been in the UK on holiday.

(That's a lie...I have missed him a lot!)

Marion very kindly organised some VIP tickets for Jemma and I through her work, so a couple of nights this week have been spent at Lusail stadium, watching the handball.

This was my first time watching the Handball - in other parts of the world it is a hugely popular sport but not in England, so I didn't really know what to expect, but found myself really enjoying watching it. There is something so captivating about live sport, that I just don't feel when I'm watching it on the TV, but love whilst I'm there!

We caught the second part of the Russia v Denmark match on Thursday, and the Danish fans were giving so much support to their team!

It was nice to see that the stadium was packed out in comparison to Tuesday's game, but unfortunately more so for the concert than for the Handball. Regardless, there was a great atmosphere.

Team photo! I really must find something else to do with my spare arm instead of that pose!

After the game, the lights dimmed and the stage was set up.

Then out came Pharrell Williams!

He was a brilliant performer, and very engaging with the crowd. I'd forgotten just how many songs I knew of his. He did a full hour performance, and it was so much fun. Still can't believe I got to see such a famous artist performing in the desert!

We were due to go to the UB40 concert at the Qatar Masters golf event on Friday night (tickets again courtesy of Marion!), and also the Doha Colour Run on Saturday morning, but due to the unfortunate passing of the King of Saudi Arabia, all entertainment has been cancelled/postponed as a mark of respect.

This did, however, mean that I could have a lay-in (til 11:30!) this morning instead of getting up at 6am for the run!

Marion and I played tennis this afternoon - it's our second time and already we have improved from the first time we played. Before long, we will be playing with the professionals ;)

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing after such a busy but fun week with friends (and will probably involve back to back episodes of the Newsroom!)

How was your week? Hope you've had a good one.


  1. What fun! Your life is so much more exciting than mine haha xx

    1. Haha no way Beth. It was a one off kinda month - there is normally all of nothing to do here, except eat!!x

    2. Hi, would you happen to have pictures from outside the stadium or of any orange street banners? I kinda need them for work. Thanks

      And by the way there are lots of fun events throughout the year people just dont hear about them enough here, I can always fill you in though :)

      Have a good day

    3. Hi Mouddar,

      Sorry for the delayed reply to your comment - unfortunately I have no photos of the outside of the stadium as we were dropped off right outside the door and went straight inside.

      Have a great day too!

  2. This pictures are very wonderfully shot and glad that you shared it with us..

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment Edgar, sorry for the delayed reply