Sunday, 4 January 2015

The first few days of 2015 have been a wonderful whirlwind of time spent with family and friends.

New Years Day was a combined celebration of the New Year and my Auntie Jan's birthday. She came round with her mum Mary - unfortunately hubby Clive was unwell and couldn't join us - and mum cooked a delicious roast dinner for us all.

The next few days were spent catching up with some of my very best friends.

Crissy and I hit the shops, before she very sweetly took me for lunch and made me laugh more than I have laughed in ages!

That night, I met up with my beautiful friend Laura for long catch up chats over dinner and a glass of wine at Jamie's Italian. She always looks amazing!

We talked at length about our exciting plans for 2015 - from work, to travel, to our respective relationships, and I left feeling so positive about the year ahead, which is normally the effect Laura has on me!

The next day, my mum drove me down to Southampton in the pouring rain to meet up with my two Uni besties, Megan and Charlie, and Charlie's beautiful little daughter Evie.

It was so amazing catching up with all of my family and friends this holiday, although there are a couple of friends I didn't get a chance to meet up with which is such a shame - Vicky was away skiing for New Year and Sean was busy being a rockstar with his band Room 94 (check them out here - 2015 is going to be big for them!)

Tomorrow is my last day in the UK before I fly back to Doha on Tuesday. I bought my mum tickets to see CATS the musical for her Christmas present, which we are heading in to London for tomorrow night, so that will be a wonderful way to see out this lovely holiday.

My next blog post will probably be from back in the sandpit, so I will catch up with you all there :)

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