Monday, 2 March 2015

It's time for another monthly favourites post about all of the things I have been loving from the month gone by. You can check out my January Favourites here in case you missed the first instalment of this series for 2015!

This month is a mixture of beauty products, pampering products, practical products, a truly excellent TV series, and an addictive podcast.

Ultra Shea body cream

This product was a little treat to myself as I wanted to sample something from Bath & Body Works when it opened up at the Villagio mall. My colleague has the body mist which smells divine, so despite the fact that walking into B&BW is an incredibly overwhelming experience due to the sheer volume of products on display, picking this was an easy choice for me. This has an incredibly sweet cocoa butter fragrance which is slightly more overpowering and to my mind far sweeter than the body mist, but I still love it and have been wearing this a lot, more so for the scent than the moisturising properties.

Hydrating body lotion

I think I must be having a month of loving body lotions, as this is another product that has made my favourites list. This also smells amazing, again incredibly sweet so probably not to everybody's taste, but I love the strong cherry blossom & beach scent of this lotion. This was part of a lovely set of 'Love Potion' products from VS that my wonderful man treated me to for V-Day.


I have been using this cleanser from Aussie brand 'aspect Dr' every morning and night all through February, and I am loving it. I enjoy massaging this into my face for ages, and I feel like it gives my skin such a deep cleanse. It has a gorgeous citrus fragrance that reminds of my holiday in Sri Lanka, so every time I use this it conjures up happy memories! This is from of a set of products that I will be reviewing for the blogging project I mentioned in my last post (which I will do a post on soon so you can check out all of the great products available!), and I have really been enjoying using this as part of my usual skincare routine, but also alongside some of the other great products in the kit.


I was pleasantly surprised to receive this in my stocking at Christmas from my parents, as I had heard about these but never seen them anywhere to purchase them. It looks a bit strange, but it's a really great product that I have been wearing almost every time I wear my hair up, in place of my usual elasticated hair bands. For a start, it doesn't damage my hair at all, as it doesn't get tangled up in the hair like elasticated bands do. Whilst I can't 100% agree that it is 'traceless', it certainly massively reduces the kink effect left in my hair when I take it out. It is also very strong, and holds my hair in place all day without budging. It's a great, practical product that I carry almost everywhere with me now. You can also get clear versions of these which I will keep my eyes peeled for as I can imagine they would be really useful for some hair styles where you don't wish to see the hair band.


I have had this foundation in my makeup collection for ages (I don't even remember when I bought it!) but recently I dug it out when I realised the rate in which I am going through my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear. I needed to find a foundation that I could wear on a daily basis to work, and the foundations currently in my collection just haven't been impressing me. I reached for this one day earlier on in the month when I was doing my makeup for work, and realised that this could be the answer to my problems. The consistency is lovely and it is really easy to blend with my Zoeva silk finish foundation brush. I have this in 'Golden Beige', which could potentially be too dark for my skin, but whilst I have a slight tan anyway I am going with it until I look in the mirror and see that my face is noticeably darker than my neck! The problem I still have is the longevity of this product is no match for my Double Wear, even when I set it with powder, but I have been using this regularly nonetheless until I can find a suitable replacement.


I finished Season 3 this month after binge-watching for weeks, and I have to confess to having a huge Newsroom shaped hole in my life. It is a brilliant series, based around the news room of a fictional television network called ACN, but they cover real news from previous years. I love the story line, the characters, the acting and the comedy element (it isn't a comedy, but it's made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion), and the fact that it is set in my industry. The only downside is that they only made 3 seasons...and I want more!!


When I first heard a colleague mention this podcast, Serial, I didn't think too much of it. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea, as I am so familiar with watching things rather than just listening. Then my colleague Jemma started to listen to it and enjoy it, and finally I heard it mentioned by Sarah Derrig in one of her Two Fat Expat podcasts, so I figured it was time to give it a listen. Now I am hooked! It is a twelve-part podcast that looks back on a real murder case from 1999 in Baltimore, in which a 17 year old boy is convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend and imprisoned. The narrator and her team look back over all of the evidence surrounding the case, including tapes of the trial and witness interviews, and they themselves talk to the accused now in the present day from the prison he is currently housed in - you listen in on it all. It is a real mystery, and you'll soon find yourself wanting to find out for yourself 'whodunnit' - there is so little evidence that points to the accused, and yet he himself frustratingly cannot remember for the life of him where he was at the time of the murder, however a witness says he did it, saw the body, and helped him to bury her. Give it a listen for free on the link above, I promise you'll be hooked!

That concludes my monthly favourites from February. I look forward to seeing what March has in store :)

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