Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another week in Doha has flown by. It's hard to believe tomorrow we enter March - seriously, where did February go? January too for that matter! I can't keep up.

The week started off with a day in bed, nursing a migraine which thankfully passed by the end of the day, and I woke up feeling good on Monday. I was so pleased, as Matt and I had dinner reservations at the Anvil Rooms for Restaurant Week (the good news is they have extended this until 7th March, so hurry and book yourself in!)

Haven't heard of Restaurant Week? It's a great concept originating from the States, where participating restaurants showcase their menu for a set price - in this instance, three courses at just under 140 QR.

Check out Rosalyn's post about Restaurant Week at the Anvil rooms over on Dream Days as her pics do it so much more justice than mine - I challenge you not to want to make a booking!

The highlight of the night for me was the Millionaire Sundae, which was a concoction of all of my favourite naughty things (salted caramel ice cream, need I say more?!) which I am hoping that they will add to their regular menu so that that I can look forward to that as much as their epic bread basket.

A thing of beauty.

If I could have got my head in the glass, I totally would have licked the whole thing clean, but I remained civilised and did my best with my long spoon!

I had a very chilled day off on Tuesday, one of those 'getting things done' kind of days. My delivery of juices from Raw ME for my two day juice cleanse arrived, and then I hopped in a cab to Glow to have my hair done and have a good old catch up with the wonderful Jennifer.

I emerged two and a half hours later a very happy girl with super blonde hair!

Marion and I embraced our inner tennis professionals and had another fun session at the St Regis courts on Tuesday night, distracted slightly when two annoying guys in a Ferarri pulled up beside us and decided to sit and watch our game, and shout about how they wanted to join in...only in Doha!

Wednesday was day one of my juice cleanse. By the time I got home from work, I was so hungry that I settled down to bed early and tried to distract myself with plans to explore Europe when I return to the UK.

Matt and I had a lovely relaxing day down at the St Regis pool on Thursday, swimming and sunbathing, before heading off to the mall for some lunch and to do some grocery shopping.

When we got home, it was finally time for me to remove the absolutely stunning red roses he bought me for Valentines day. They were by far the most beautiful, vibrant roses I have ever seen, and they lasted for ages. I was sad to have to throw them away!

We went our separate ways for the evening, him out with his friends, whilst myself and the girls ended up having a very impromptu and very late drink at Vintage at the St Regis, where we ran into many familiar faces. Doha really is the smallest place ever.

Friday was an absolutely manic day in the office that didn't stop when I got home. I called it a day at around 9pm, and focused my energies on a blogging project that I am so excited to be involved with (reviewing some really amazing beauty products for a fab company, my dream project! I'll explain more soon) before making a start on a post for my own blog, and then heading to Matt's for an episode of 24. I don't even know how many seasons in we are now but I'm really not too sure how Jack Bauer is still going!

And now we come to Saturday, the end of another week in the sandpit. Home from work, I'm currently curled up on the sofa blogging, before a few more episodes of 24 tonight.

How was your week? Hope you had a good one, wherever in the world you are :)


  1. Thanks for the link and I'm glad you enjoyed it. What a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

    1. Welcome lovely. My parents had a read of your blog today after seeing the link to it! It was a stunning bouquet, made me remember how nice it is to have beautiful fresh flowers around the place. I was terrible and was housing them in the blender because we didnt have a vase!