Thursday, 5 March 2015

A couple of posts back in my most recent Doha Diaries, and also in my February Favourites, I alluded to an exciting blogging project that I have become involved with, and promised I would do a post on it soon. The time has come!

At the back end of 2014, I was approached by the managing director of SkINKICKS, an online distributor for specialised cosmeceutical skincare, to blog for their brand new website.

I have been massively in to all things beauty for as long as I can remember - when I had finished up at University and before entering my first proper job in the wonderful world of television, I remember spending my last £10 (literally my last, I remember checking my bank balance afterwards and having a minor panic attack) on a Barry M Dazzle Dust from Superdrug, just so that I could write about it on my beauty blog - so needless to say when I was asked to be involved with the SkINKICKS blog, I jumped at the chance!

There are some really great brands and products available on the website, with offerings from British skincare professionals fLINT + fLINT, French skincare experts Phasilab, Australia's leading clinical skincare brand Aspect Dr, and more.

After a thorough de-briefing, pouring over product handbooks and dinner at the W Hotel, I came home laden with an abundance of products to get stuck into using.

Some of the products available on the website are products that I have been using and loving for well over a year as part of my daily skin care routine (some have featured in my previous posts), and I can't speak highly enough about them. Other products and brands are completely new to me, and I'm having an absolute ball trialling them all, conducting research into the ingredients and their benefits, and writing up about them.

The blog is still in it's infancy, and there are still photos to be added, but if you fancy checking out the posts I have written since the website went live in the middle of February, you can find them here :)


  1. That's fantastic. I have heard so many fabulous blog stories lately. Well done and well deserved. xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Kirsty xx