Saturday, 7 March 2015

This week has flown by - I feel like it was only a couple of days ago that I sat down to write last weeks Doha Diaries post. I swear time goes by so much more quickly living out here!

The week kicked off in one of my favourite ways, playing tennis with Marion at the St Regis. This week we had a spectator - a guy came right up to the fence of the courts and stood watching us for a good 25 minutes before Marion shoo'd him away - it was very distracting, and kind of creepy to be honest. I could understand if we were awesome (we will be, one day!!) but it was weird for him to stay watching two complete beginners for as long as he did...but anyway..Ferrari guys last week and staring guy this week, whatever will next week bring!?

I was off work on Monday, so I spent the morning by the pool with Matt before he went to work, and I came back to my place to have a 'getting things done' kind of day (laundry, tidying, you know the drill). I called home and my mum informed me of more bad news regarding my aunt, and I fell to pieces.

When Matt suggested we go to the cinema after he finished work, I was so grateful for the distraction. We went to the Novo Cinema at the Pearl, to the IMAX screening of Focus. It was a really light hearted, easy watch, and I have the biggest girl-crush on Margot Robbie! She's so beautiful.

Afterwards we took a walk around Spinneys whilst we waited for our driver to pick us up - I always find shopping in Spinneys so funny as there are Tesco products everywhere, it's almost like being back in the UK!

Tuesday night was a night that I have been looking forward to for so long. Jemma had managed to track down tickets earlier in the month, and then the day before the concert the very lovely Christoph offered us VIP tickets, to see the amazing Ed Sheeran in the sandpit!

He was incredible. Amazingly talented, not only with the guitar but vocally too. He put on an absolutely phenomenal's just such a shame that for the best part of the concert we had three of the rudest and tallest people in Doha push their way front of us and block our view. Towards the end of the show we moved to the back of the VIP area which was so much better. I've been listening to his album 'X' non stop since!

On Thursday night, Jemma very kindly took me as her plus one to the new members night St Tropez at the Hilton hotel. Marion was away on a business trip, so we got ourselves dressed up and headed out as a duo. I had no idea what to wear, and ended up throwing together a mix of clothes I have had in my wardrobe for ages, and I think they have become one of my new favourite outfits!

It is still way too cold to really enjoy the beach parties (I know people from back home might find that hard to believe when it's 25 degrees in Doha, but you'll just have to trust me on that!) but when it warms up I think St Tropez will become a real nightlife hot spot here in Doha.

It was another one of those nights where we ran into many familiar faces - Doha really is the smallest little bubble.

After a very cold day in the A/C at work on Friday, I hopped straight into my warm pyjamas and crawled in to bed to finish listening to Serial, that really addictive podcast I talked about in my February Favourites post. It's amazing, and I was left with a very strange feeling, almost deflated at the lack of resolution (not a spoiler, as we already know that the accused is currently in prison for allegedly murdering his ex girlfriend). Nothing about the whole thing adds up, from the inconsistent witness stories, to the trial itself, to the fact that the accused has no recollection of his whereabouts on the day. I literally don't know what to think, but it's very interesting that (probably wholly to do with the success of the Serial podcast) the accused has recently been granted a rare hearing in June which may completely change his life. I strongly advise giving the Podcast a listen, you'll be hooked in no time.

Today was a rare day where Marion, Jemma and I were all off work together, so we headed over to Katara for lunch. It was a beautiful, hot day so it was lovely to walk along the sea front.

We decided to eat at Mamig, a beautiful Armenian/Lebanese restaurant, with an exterior bursting with beautiful, vibrant flowers.

This patio was heaving with customers by the time we left, but we sat on the upper terrace, and ordered about half of the menu to share...

Beautiful light salads, delicious grilled halloumi, stuffed vine leaves, cheese and spinach-filled dough, and light Arabic bread.

If you don't fancy eating out on the terrace (it's way too hot unless you are completely in the shade, and come the height of summer it will probably be too hot altogether!), then there is plenty of space indoors where it was equally busy, and where you can spot some very cool decor.

Something sweet was next on the agenda, so we hopped in a golf cart to Chac'late.

I have never eaten at Chac'late before (I've only been inside to gaze longingly at all of the amazing handmade chocolates in the display cabinets) but this could well be my new favourite place.

The cafe was full, but they opened their additional outdoor seating area half an hour early to accommodate for us and the other waiting customers, which was lovely of them. 

Chac'late is situated right behind the amphitheatre, which is an absolutely stunning piece of architecture to look out onto over coffee - or waffles!

Marion opted for the White Mocha...
A Hazelnut Latte for Jemma...

And a Swiss whipped cream hot chocolate for me...easily the best hot chocolate I have had for a long time.

If you are a Doha dweller, this a great spot to grab a coffee. Next time, I'm coming for a waffle!

A lovely end to the week with my team :)

As always, I hope you had a great week, wherever in the world you are reading from!

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