Tuesday, 24 February 2015

When Matt and I are in the mood for an informal date night, we usually head to Elevation Burger.

Situated at the Pearl, Elevation Burger is a marina-facing burger/shake restaurant which, in my humble opinion (and Matts!), serve up the best burgers we have both ever tried.

The concept is very simple - you head up to the counter, where you are greeted by super friendly staff who just can't wait to take your order. If you're new to Elevation Burger, you'll just need a couple of minutes to read the menu up on the board, to get your head around what you would like to order.

You can choose your burger (we always opt for the 'The Elevation Burger' - two organic, grass-fed, free-range beef patties with cheese), and then we pick our toppings (caramelised onions for me, lettuce and tomatoes for Matt). Both with a side of fresh fries.

This is where I compare Elevation Burger to Shake Shack - the burgers at SS are still really good, but you can really customise your burgers at Elevation Burger.

Once you've placed your order, you take a buzzer and grab a table.

Every single time we have been, the staff have always brought our food to us when our buzzer goes off, rather than us going up to collect it.

Despite the restaurants clear message that their food is 100% organic, grass-fed and free-range, do not be fooled into thinking that you are in for healthy burgers. Elevation burgers are incredibly naughty, but so delicious, as are the fries. They aren't the mega-crispy kind of fries - these are skinny and soft (with the occasional bonus crispy one!), but full of flavour. You can find out the calorie facts on their website, if you really want to. I wouldn't bother - be good all day, and then treat yourself.

There are no frills here - just delicious, naughty burgers. I am officially addicted.

Have you tried Elevation Burger? If you can recommend any other great burger places in Doha, the UK, or anywhere else in the world, I would love to try them out at some point to see if & how they compare!


  1. If your in Abu Dhabi you must try Grand Central their burgers are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation James, I'm hoping to get across to Abu Dhabi in April so I will keep my eyes peeled for Grand Central!

  2. Omg those look insane! They look so delicious!

    1. They really were Ariana! I look forward to giving your blog a read this afternoon :)