Thursday, 19 February 2015

As much as I love my beauty products, I'm a bit samey when it comes to my makeup, and tend to use the same products day in, day out.

This cute, clear, pink-edged bag from Victoria's Secret originally housed some very beautiful scented goodies that the mister surprised me with for Valentines Day, but is now home to my every day beauty essentials, which I thought I would share on the blog today. Please forgive any grubby packaging - these products are lugged about everywhere with me and used lovingly on a day to day basis, so they aren't looking as new as they once did!

Let's get started!

No word of a lie, this product really is a hero for my lips. I suffer from ridiculously dry lips, all year round, but since this little beauty entered my life I have found my lips to be in the best condition they have ever been in. A bold statement, yes, but very true!

I like to use this Rimmel foundation in '203 - True Beige' under my eye area, and sometimes I have been known to mix this with my beloved Double Wear for a night out as I really love the consistency of it, and the overall finish it gives to my skin. It is thick and creamy, certainly not a consistency to everybody's liking, but the full coverage hides a multitude of sins, and my face certainly has many that need hiding!

A prime example of a product absolutely battered and worn from loving every day use - to the point where the contents have actually broken up into little bits, leaving it not very photo-worthy! This blusher is a beautiful, shimmering pinky coral, that transforms my cheeks when I wear it. I can add a little for an office-friendly look in the daytime, or really build this up for a strong look on a night out. The shimmering tone of this also helps to highlight my cheeks as well as adding a much needed pop of subtle colour.

I use this little gem in 'No. 2 - Medium' to cover any blemishes that may occur. This product is described as a 'brightening camouflage for eyes and face', and it really is. It is a very thick, paste-like consistency that takes a bit of getting used to (and some powder to set it, as I find this does settle in the creases around my eyes) but it covers like a dream.

This powder foundation is amazing for sweeping over the top of my liquid foundation, for a completely flawless finish. Similarly to my Coralista blush, this has broken up into little pieces so not photo-worthy at all! I use the shade 'R250' which compliments my Double Wear foundation perfectly, as both are the closest match to my skin tone. I wouldn't normally use this alone, as the coverage for me just isn't quite what I feel I need for my red-toned skin, but as I say I do use this daily over the top of my liquid foundation, just to set everything in place. I love that it has SPF 20 also, a real asset to any desert-dweller's makeup bag.

My Holy Grail foundation - I honestly can't rave about this enough (as I have done here and here!)
The shade 'Desert Beige' is the perfect match for my skin (I had this matched at an Estee Lauder counter back home in the UK) and I'm slightly obsessed with it. I want to wear it all the time, even to work every day, as now no other foundation seems to look as good on my skin or last as long, but this will prove to be a pretty expensive habit to get in to!

Due to my aforementioned dry lips, it was previously very rare for me to be seen to wear lipstick, especially as almost all of the lipsticks I tried dried my lips out even more. Now that I am on track with my lips a bit more, and managing to maintain a smooth and healthy base for the most-part, I have ventured into the daunting world of lipstick a little more in recent months. This lipstick from Too Faced, which I first read about on Buy Now / Blog Later (it is very rare that Laura doesn't recommend something that I then go on to love!), is so creamy and moisturising, and thus the perfect lipstick for me. I normally wear very safe, neutral makeup, so this is the perfect 'my lips, but better' shade to just give me a dash of colour whilst still being subtle.

I team the above lipstick with the Perfect Nude lip liner, also from Too Faced. I have become slightly addicted to lining my lips and really love this combo.

I am really not fussed when it comes to mascara. That is not to say I am not completely addicted to wearing it, as I genuinely won't leave the house without mascara on my lashes, but I am just not fussed at all about the brand that I use. I don't tend to spend a lot of money on them as I don't see the point, they all seem to have the same effect on my lashes, so I normally purchase something around the Rimmel / Maybelline price point. Maybe this attitude will change if I find a mascara that really blows me away to the point where I stick to using it religiously, but until then, I'll stick to whatever I can get my hands on! This is my current every day mascara, in '001 black'. It makes my lashes look darker and fuller, exactly what I want from my mascara. It also contains Argan Oil which can only be a good thing.

Whilst I am slightly more picky with my eyeliners - I want something with good lasting power, that doesn't slide off my water line - I still don't tend to spend a lot of money on them, as the 'drugstore' varieties that I do use have served this exact purpose. I currently have '261 Noir', which is the eyeliner I reach for to line my eyes for a night out, and '212 Rich Brown', which I tend to use for my every day office look, to keep things a little softer and more subtle.

My new makeup bag is the perfect size to carry around my beloved Zoeva makeup brushes, that just make applying my makeup so much easier, and are a real pleasure to use.

I thought I'd end on an exciting note! I always carry these with me in my makeup bag as my eyebrows are, quite frankly, rogue. I swear, as soon as I pluck them, they grow back within seconds. I can become quite obsessional with my eyebrows (my mum will testify to this - she has been witness to it) and have been known to almost pluck my eyebrows bare in an attempt to tame them!

I'd love to know what products are in your makeup bag - if you've done a similar post please send me the link so I can be nosy, or let me know your daily beauty essentials in the comments below :)

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