Friday, 27 February 2015

For ages, I have been mulling over trying the juice cleanse from Qatar-based health food brand Raw ME.

When people think of juice cleanses, I think they would normally associate these with weight loss, however for myself, weight loss wasn't my goal. I wanted to give my body a break from all of the badness (mainly chocolate!) that I put into it on a daily basis, and instead treat myself to some much needed nutrients, so the Raw ME juice cleanse has been on my mind for a while.

When I spotted a 'buy one day, get one day free' voucher in my Entertainer app, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge.

Ordering my juices was incredibly simple - I went onto the website, selected my cleanse of preference ('Level One - New Obsession'), and hit 'Order Now' - simple!

Their customer service is great - within an hour I had received an email to confirm my delivery details, and I went back to them with several queries (mostly about the Entertainer app and how it would work), and to specify a delivery time frame as I had plans in the afternoon of the delivery date. The team came back to all of my questions quickly, and were super friendly.

On the day of delivery, I received a call from the Raw ME driver saying that he would be about 30 minutes, and asked if this was okay. When he arrived, he was the friendliest guy, and paying with my Entertainer app was ridiculously easy. I entered my code, he entered his, and I paid only for the first day of my two day juice cleanse.

Your juice comes with this snazzy little cool-box, the perfect size to house all six of your juices for the day (I have since been using this as a lunch box, so it certainly hasn't gone to waste even after my juice cleanse!)

Each 500ml juice bottle is numbered, and the idea is to drink them in order throughout the day.

Let's start at the beginning....

Ingredients: Apple, cucumber, lemon, romaine lettuce, parsley, spinach

Day one of my cleanse kicked off with this nutrient-packed number, which to me seemed like the healthiest juice of the bunch, and also the most filling. If you like the taste of cucumber, then you will like the taste of this, as cucumber is the strongest flavour that comes through.

I had this for my breakfast, half at home, and the rest at around 10am at work in place of my usual bowl of cereal. So far, so good.

Ingredients: Apple, pineapple, mint

This tasted amazing! I could happily drink this all the time - it is so refreshing and delicious. I had this at 12:00 midday, after coming to the conclusion that drinking one juice every two hours would take me right through until 8pm, the time that I would normally finish dinner.

My second Green Junkie of the day. By this time, my boss had started to tease me a little bit, asking me if I wanted anything from the canteen, 'but, oh have your green juice'!
Now it was 2pm and I was feeling hungry. Normally I would have lunch at around 1pm, maybe an omelette with salad, so although my lunch at work would normally be healthy, I was already feeling the absence of eating solid food.

Ingredients: Apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon

By 4pm, I was getting a bit grouchy (I get like this when I don't eat, Matt will vouch for that as he has been present during many of my food strops!), so I wasn't really in the mood for this juice, and less so when I tasted it. I don't really enjoy beetroot anyway, and this tasted very strongly of it. I still managed to drink it, but a lot more slowly than the rest.

Ingredients: Agave, cayenne, lemon, filtered water

Sucker punch was amazing! Whilst it did nothing to help to curb my grumbling stomach, it was beautifully refreshing and tasted so good. Not as good as the chocolate my colleague was nibbling across the office probably did, but still very good!

Ingredients: Cashew, cinnamon, dates, vanilla bean, filtered water

By 8pm, my stomach was rumbling so much that I'm sure my parents could hear it from the UK. I watched in absolute food envy as Jemma ate her delicious looking dinner, and I tried to sip the last of my juices for the day. Emphasis on tried. I thought I would love this, as it sounded like a real sweet treat to round off the day, but I didn't like it at all, and as much as I wanted to as I was so close to completing the full day of juices, I just couldn't finish it.


You are probably thinking 'what happened to day two of your juice cleanse?' and that would be a very good question. I did drink all but two of the juices for day two, but I teamed this with food throughout the day.

I must admit, I was a real wimp about the whole thing, and probably complained a lot more than I should have! A day is completely manageable, but come the evening I was starting to develop a headache, and realised that to do this for a second day probably wouldn't end up making me feel very well. I did, however, wake up the next day feeling good...and very excited for a bowl of cereal! These juices are very thin, even the 'Go Nuts' which I thought would have a slightly thicker consistency, so if you are familiar with a filling smoothie, this juice cleanse is a little different.

I would definitely do the juice cleanse again, but again only for a day at a time, and I would select the 'Create your Own' option, to be sure I was selecting only the juices from the above that I know I like, so that nothing goes to waste.

I like the thought that so much goodness went in to my body that day, so it is something that absolutely can't hurt to do once in a while.

My one concern with the Raw ME juice cleanse is the price. A one day juice cleanse (six x 500ml bottles) will set you back 250 QR (about £45!) which is a huge amount of money to pay for one day of sustenance. I still have two vouchers left with the Entertainer to use towards Raw ME, but I would be very hesitant to pay full price for the cleanse as it is so much money.

Overall, a very positive experience with Raw ME, and I would definitely recommend them. Good luck to you if you manage more than a day!

Have you tried the products from Raw ME, or a similar juice cleanse? Is a juice cleanse something you would try?


  1. I will never even last a day with a juice cleanse. It will make me much more b*tchier than the usual I guess. Lol. But good for you that you were able to do it at least a day.

    And yes, it's a bit expensive. It's the cost of a 3-day worth of our grocery. :-p

    1. Haha! I can relate, it definitely made me a bit of a grump but it was a good way for me to get some nutrients into the diet! Expensive for sure but I suppose it doesn't hurt too much for a one off occasion :)

  2. I was not quite as fortunate as you - the after sale service has been appalling. They promise to collect empty bottles once you are done with them; doing their part for recycling (you get QAR 1 back for each bottle which is not much compared to the whopping cost of QAR250 per day). It has been almost a month since I finished my cleanse and I have asked them to collect the bottles so many times yet they have ignored all of my requests and are now ignoring my calls. I am not keen on chucking these bottles - I want to do my bit for the environment too and recycle plastic rather than send it to landfills... Disappointed... Although I did their cleanse 3 times so far, I will not do it again. They have been a nightmare on after sales. The juices taste ok (especially go nuts) but at this price and with the awful after sale service, I would not recommend Raw ME Qatar - I wish they had competition because I would jump ship in a heartbeat!

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