Monday, 8 December 2014

A huge part of the fun of having blogging as a hobby, is reading blogs written by other people.

Matt always says to me that he doesn't 'get' blogging (although he supports mine, and my obsession with taking photos everywhere we go 'for the blog'), but I suppose blogging is to me what Football Manager is to him, and I certainly don't 'get' that!

Reading blogs is what inspired me in the first place to sign up to Blogger and start writing my own. I dabbled in a few at University, I suppose trying to emulate my favourite bloggers at the time, but I never stuck with them. Probably because they weren't really 'me', as I wasn't writing about what came naturally to me.

In July 2013, after making the decision to move to Doha, The Blonde was born so that I could document my Arabian adventures for my friends and family back home, and also for me to look back on in the future and relive all of the memories I am making out here.

Without further ado, here are my 'top 5 favourite blogs', and a little bit about why I've chosen them.


You know you are in love with a blog when you genuinely can't wait for the next post, and click on your bookmark more often than is probably normal just to check if there's an update. That is exactly how I feel about The Londoner. Rosie is a glamorous globe trotter who documents her whirlwind life of holidays, events, nights out, lunches, dinners, and family/dog time with fabulous pictures, and a style of writing that is so warm and friendly that it is like reading something written by an actual friend. She is the kind of girl you wish was your friend, or at least I certainly do! Her writing is light and fun, with puns aplenty and she engages her readers throughout every post. Her life looks like great fun, and her blog seems to have grown to the point where many of the adventures she has are as a direct result of the success and popularity of her blog, which is a great thing. I have to thank my cousin Steph for recommending Rosie's blog to me, as I am now absolutely hooked, and for this reason The Londoner is right at the top of my list of favourite blogs.


Back at University, I was very much into my fake tan. I remember surfing the net one night when I was staying for the weekend at my parents house, and I stumbled across a YouTube video by Laura about a fake tan called St Moriz (which my then boyfriend bought me about 20 bottles of from the Internet as it was so highly raved about and so difficult to get hold of before it became stocked anywhere and everywhere), who blogs over at Buy Now, Blog Later. I became instantly hooked on her YouTube channel, and similarly hooked on her blog. Sadly she doesn't vlog anymore to my knowledge, but her blog remains my go to for beauty product reviews. I literally trust every word that comes out of her keyboard, and I've said before that I would probably buy a bin bag if she reviewed it. Because she is that little bit older than so many other bloggers, and has been on the scene for that little bit longer, there is something credible and genuine about her, making me wholeheartedly trust what she has to say. She started her blog out of her genuine passion for beauty products, and knows what she is talking about. She's practically my neighbour, residing in Dubai, and actually posted about a visit to Doha which you can read here - we seem to share a favourite Doha restaurant in La Spiga at the W Hotel, just one of many reasons she makes my top 5 list as my second favourite blogger!


Lydia from Lydia Elise Millen is a fellow Hertfordshire girl who blogs about lifestyle, fashion and fitness. I really enjoy her blog, and whilst I'm not particularly fashion forward, I love the photos she posts of her outfits on both her blog and her Instagram page. Her figure is to die for, and her fitness posts have inspired me to sort my life out and start exercising, and adopt an all round healthier lifestyle. Her posts also touch upon anxiety, and what she does to calm her mind, which is again something I take a lot of inspiration from. She recently branched into making YouTube videos, and I have become equally hooked on her videos as I am on her blog - she has such a lovely, well spoken voice that makes her so easy to listen to.


Despite the fact that I am probably too old to be a fan of Zoella (the Daily Mail endlessly reminds me of her 'tween' following!), I am still massively fascinated by the Internet sensation that is Zoe Sugg. I read her blog before I watched her YouTube videos, and have been amazed at the success that has come her way in recent times. Whilst her videos are probably more for a younger audience, they are lighthearted and harmless, and I have been known to sit there of an evening with a cup of tea and, along with millions of (probably very young teenage) girls, and follow a day in the life of Zoe in one of her daily vlogs. The success she has had is unbelievable - signing a two book deal with Penguin, launching her own product line in Superdrug to name just a couple of things that have happened for her this year off the back of her blog/YouTube channel. It's inspiring. It just goes to show what can happen when you throw your everything into something that you love. I still like to read her blog as I suppose I'm so far ingrained now in her journey that I want to see what happens next for her.


Kayleigh from Couture Girl is another blogger who's posts I look forward to. Whilst I'm not sure she shares the depth of product knowledge that Laura has, she always looks fab so who am I to question it. She sure knows a lot more than me, and I have found myself to have made purchases off the back of products that she has recommended. She is another blogger who's journey I have followed, right from starting out, to growing her blog to the point where she landed herself a job at AX Paris due to her experiences with social media. She takes lovely photos, and seems to put a lot of care into her posts. She has recently branched into fashion posts also which adds another dimension to her blog.

So those are my 'top 5 favourite blogs'. In addition to these, I also wanted to throw in a couple of my favourite blogs that I have only recently discovered but am really enjoying.


Beth at Beauty in Beta is a friend of mine from Uni, who I only recently found out via Facebook has a blog of her own. I've been reading it non stop for the past few days since I found out, and I also love that she has a YouTube channel. She writes and talks about all of things that I am also interested in, and it's great to have a friend who shares my love of blogging. One of the things I love most about Beth's blog and channel is that she is a pioneer for healthy living, in part due to suffering from a kidney disease, but also talks at length about mental health issues such as anxiety, which I find so interesting. One thing I love about Beth and her blog is the sense of community that I feel from her when she writes - she's encouraging towards other bloggers and always keen to engage in chats and debates not only about beauty but serious life issues too. I can't wait to read more of her posts!


I've been enjoying reading posts from Kaushal since recently discovering her blog and YouTube channel. It really is like having makeup application demonstrated to you by Mila Kunis - she's gorgeous and creates some beautiful looks that I am yet to attempt!

Lastly, I wanted to add in two of the Doha expat blogs I enjoy reading the most. Through their eyes, I get to see a little more of this tiny city that we all currently call home.

I haven't met Rosalyn from Dream Days although we keep mentioning meeting up! I really enjoy her blog as she writes about everything I am interested in, from restaurant reviews, to book reviews, to beauty posts to general lifestyle posts. I am always interested to see what she has been up to out and about in Doha.


I first met Polly from Follow Your Sunshine back in London, where I worked with her husband-to-be before we made the move with our company to Doha. She since joined him out here, landed herself a fab job doing something she loves, and documents her expat life through her blog. Although we only see each other occasionally at the odd social event, I really enjoy reading about what Polly gets up to in Doha, particularly as she is also partial to a meal out, and recommends some great places to eat!

Cannot believe I missed out one of my absolute favourite Doha blogs - what was I thinking??


Pearl and Peach is the guide to what is going on around Doha. Co-run by the gorgeous Harriet and her friend Helen, it is a series of posts about events in Doha, reviews, recipes, and not to mention a runway load of fashion. They also have a 'Spotted' page which showcases their favourite outfits as seen on Doha dwellers that month. Love it, and kicking myself for not adding this in first time around!

What are your favourite blogs? I am always keen to expand my reading and it's always exciting discovering a new blog that you come to love.


  1. I love this, I have just found 5 new blogs to read :)

    1. So pleased you liked it Lyndsey! Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do!
      What are some of your favourites?xx

  2. Thanks so much for such nice words on my blog, so lovely! Ahhh gonna get all emosh up in here... So many awesome blogs I've not seen before, so definitely going to go get check them out! <3 xx

    1. All true my dear! Also happy that we are back in touch after our uni days of bonding over our kidney stones! Bonding over the happier topics of blogging instead :D x