Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ever since I was old enough to read, I've been a total book worm.

Enid Blyton was my absolute favourite author as a youngster, and I used to love curling up in bed and losing myself in the adventures of the Famous Five and Secret Seven, and wishing I was a teenage detective solving mysteries on secret islands (I still wish that, to be fair!)

My love of reading steered me towards my University degree in English Literature. I was so excited to receive my first reading list, and take myself off to the local Waterstones to purchase all of my course material.

Sadly, reading a book a week and analysing the life out of it in essays and class discussion killed my love of reading somewhat. It took away the pleasure I once had of sitting down at leisure to lose myself in a story. My reading had become a scheduled chore, particularly as so many of the books were so heavy going, or just downright weird (Foxy-T, I'm talking about you).

Since my Uni years, I've rekindled my love of reading, but these days I tend to stick to the chick-lit. My brain still can't handle anything too heavy going! I'm a sucker for a light-hearted, girly beach read. Jackie Collins is the Queen for me, but I enjoy anything by Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, Lauren Weisberger, Jenny Colgan, et al.

I've never read anything by Lindsey Kelk before (she is the author of the 'I Heart' series, which you may have heard of), but I liked the sound of this when I spotted it in Tesco when I was in England over the summer. Tesco always has a great 3 for 2 section that seems to be home to all of the kinds of books I like, so I'm always keen to stock up! Even my mum knows my type of book, and if she spots a book that is 'pink and pretty', she'll pick it up for me, bless her.

What A Girl Wants is the story of Tess Brookes, an advertising exec who is at a real cross roads in her life, both in love and in work. Should she stay in advertising, and be with her long-term crush Charlie who has realised he loves her back, or should she follow an exciting opportunity to Italy - where her new crush, Nick just happens to be - to throw herself into her newfound passion for photography? I won't spoil it for you!

The Daily Express says, 'Kelk has a hilarious turn of phrase and a sparkling writing style', and it's true. This book had me laughing out loud more than once, and I'm now keen to get my hands on the I Heart series!

Tesco, watch out. I'm heading home in less than a week to raid your shelves for some new reading material!

Any chick-lit you would recommend? Or failing that, a slightly deeper read that you think will ease me back into 'serious' books?

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