Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's Chriiiiissssttttmmmmmaaaaaasssssssss! (Say it like Slade, obvs)

I woke up on Christmas eve feeling particularly sorry for myself - on my own in the apartment (Matt went off to work), I had a rotten migraine and ended up flooding my bathroom before breaking a gift from a friend in my attempt to stem the water flow. Not the best start to the day.

I took myself off back to B/Attitude Spa and had my nails painted to match my toes, in An Affair in Red Square from OPI. This got me back in the Christmas spirit! I'm absolutely obsessed with this colour. My photos don't do it justice at all - imagine shiny, red wrapping paper with a hint of subtle sparkle. Yep, my nails look like Christmas wrapping paper.

Hair curled and glad rags on, I met Matt and Toddy outside their apartment and we hopped in a car to The Governor Suites and Residence. Joao, our Portuguese colleague, has his family staying here in Doha over Christmas, and they very kindly invited the three of us to celebrate Christmas with them, Portuguese style.

In Portugal, the main Christmas meal is eaten on the 24th December. We began with starters in the living room - lovely breads, cheese, and pork products! Living in a Muslim country, you can't just nip to the supermarket for chorizo, parma ham, bacon, etc. It is only stocked in the QDC (the alcohol shop), so this was a real treat for us. I forgot how amazing parma ham is!!

The traditional dish is boiled and baked codfish, with boiled potatoes, cabbage and carrots. All coated generously in garlic oil. It was delicious.

The real winner for me though was dessert. An amazing custard concoction, as well as sweet, cinnamon covered milky eggy bread (official name, obviously). Both were AMAZING!

All washed down with copious amounts of red wine. It was a fantastic evening and Joao and his family were wonderful hosts.

I woke up this morning with a very sore head. Matt came round to exchange our gifts to one another by the tree in the living room, as well as for me to open my gifts from my mum and dad, and from my flatmate Jemma.

I am one spoilt little lady!

This post is to wish all of my readers from around the world a very Merry Christmas - thank you for reading and supporting my blog in 2014 - I hope you'll continue to join me and my Arabian adventures in 2015!

I'll leave you with a photo of how cold and snowy my view is. Have a great day, wherever in the world you are! Brrrr....

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