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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Most of my family & friends who will be reading this blog (hello!) will already know what it's all about, but for anyone who might have stumbled across my little space on the blogosphere by accident, here's a little bit of backstory about what The Blonde blog is all about:

I've been working in TV in London for the past three years on a contract producing content for the Middle Eastern television network Al Jazeera. This year, AJ decided to close down their London operation and produce all of their own content from their headquarters in Doha, Qatar, and as a result of this relocation, I was offered an incredible opportunity to go to Doha and work for them out there.

I made this blog with the intention of having a place where my family & friends can keep up to date with my Arabian adventures and see what I'm getting up to, but also to document my journey for anyone who might in the future be looking to relocate out to the Middle East themselves. I've been researching Qatar through so many useful ex-pat blogs (I love and thought I could share my experience too as its such a huge learning curve!

Happy reading :)

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