Saturday, 25 October 2014

For those of you who aren't necessarily as engrossed in the beauty and lifestyle blogging/vlogging world as I am, you might think the idea of a 'What's in my bag' post is a bit odd. Having a look at the contents of somebody's handbag...who cares, right? Well, you may not. But for me, and heaps of other people, a 'What's in my handbag' (Or 'purse', for the Americans out there!) post is a chance to be a little bit nosy. And once you get started on these kinds of posts, they are a bit addictive.

You only need to type the tag into YouTube before it will throw up page upon page of videos, where girls (and maybe guys!) talk their readers and viewers through what they carry around with them on a daily basis. Not everyone's cup of tea for sure, but it's the kind of post I enjoy reading, so I thought I'd get on board and tip the contents of my handbag out for the World Wide Web to have a look at.

Let's start with the bag.

It's in a bit of a sad state really. Months upon months of lugging around, dumping on the floor & accidentally running over it with my chair at work, have left my handbag a little...squashed.

In its hay day, it was a lovely, structured bag which caught my eye immediately in the River Island sale (hard to miss it, it's a bit vibrant). I loved the style, the size, and the colour, so I scooped it up and took it home with me, and in hindsight I wish I'd bought two, so that I could retire this one for a newer model. Since that day, its had its fair share of compliments. Iv never been a bag person, but I am particularly fond of this one.

Onto the contents!

From left to right...


This purse is in a sorrier state that the handbag. I bought this well over two years ago as a treat for myself after a breakup (dangerous business, letting emotional girls loose in shops!) Since then, half of its little gems have come off, and it's high time I treated myself to a new one, especially given the context of why I bought it in the first place! This is home to all of the usual suspects that I need to carry around on a daily basis - Qatari ID card, driving license, bank cards, Marble Slab loyalty card (one stamp away from a free ice cream, oh yes!), and of course my trusty Qatari Riyal notes. I was never a cash carrier in the UK but here I wouldn't leave the house without notes. I'm a changed woman!


My work is literally like Fort Knox. You have to go through not one but THREE security check points just to get into the office, so I'd be in a bit of bother if I didn't carry this around everywhere with me. It's got a horrendous picture of me looking a bit squashed on it, which is why it's covered up!


If you suffer from migraines, you wouldn't be without these in your bag either!


For those antisocial moments in the office / out and about, or for when I just get the urge to listen to One Direction. Don't judge me.


Aka the lifeline! This absolutely doesn't leave my side. Especially in this job, where it rings every five minutes. Home to all of the apps that get me through the day...Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc etc. This is also my camera so if it didn't go everywhere with me, I probably wouldn't have any pictures for the blog!


These were a gift from our lovely drivers at work, who collect our guests and bring them from their hotels to the studios, and generally make my job 100 times easier. They bought these to celebrate a year of working together, which was so lovely of them. I'm still not sure if they suit me or not but I wear them anyway and they come with me everywhere, regardless of whether or not they make me look like a bug.


I always carry perfume with me. When your greeting guests all day long it's nice to smell nice. I'm currently carrying a mini bottle of Coco Chanel which was a gift from one of our lovely Arabic presenters, Layla, who now sits next to me at work. I complimented her on her perfume one day, and the next day she had bought me a bottle which was so sweet and thoughtful. It smells amazing!


The only area of my life that I am organised is work. Outside of work, my life is completely chaotic. I'd forget my name if I didn't have it on my necklace. In no bid to sort myself out, I purchased this pretty pink Filofax which is so handy. It's a bit on the heavy side so it doesn't come everywhere with me, but more often than not it's in the handbag, ready for those blonde moments when I can't remember who I am, which day it is or what I'm meant to be doing!

I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my bag. What's in yours?


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