Sunday, 26 October 2014

You know those weeks at work where everything just goes wrong?

Yep, I had one of those this week. Problem after problem, hurdle after hurdle, and a work day starting at 08:00 and finishing at 23:00 from home most evenings. Anxiety overload!

Needless to say, I'm a little bit shattered, and feeling a little bit blue, although slightly cheered up today as Matt and I have finalised bookings for our very first holiday together!

We are off soon for a blissful week of relaxation and sight seeing in Sri Lanka. I can't wait to be horizontal in a hammock and sipping some kind of beverage from a coconut with the loved one.

But that's a little way off yet. Back to reality.

Tonight, I decided it was high time I had a pampering night.

After Facetiming my mum, flicking through blogs and watching a couple of Zoella vlogs on YouTube, I put on my swimwear and padded downstairs to the spa area in my apartment block.

It's times like this when I remember how lucky I am to be living in such an amazing building. We have complimentary access to jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam room, and a chill out area, all of which I don't make nearly enough use out of, given that they are only ten floors down in the elevator.

I got the jacuzzi going, grabbed a copy of Harpers Bazaar, and hopped in.

After the jacuzzi, I wandered through to the relaxation area, laid down and flipped through a copy of Qatar Happening magazine, which I don't know why iv never bought for myself before as it's full of everything going on each month in Doha. No wonder I'm so out of the loop!
Feeling relaxed, I headed back up to my apartment and painted my nails. I always feel better when my nails are done and iv been meaning to do them for ages but just haven't got around to it until now. I used my favourite combination of two coats of Barry M Gelly paint in Coconut, followed by one coat of their white Silk polish.
The effect is a lovely pearlized off white colour which goes perfectly with the tan I hope to have after a day off in the sun tomorrow!
Finally, I cleansed my face with this lovely DHC face oil which I got in a goody bag at the Beauty Show in London before I came out to Doha. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, and there's something quite luxurious about using a face oil over of any other type of cleanser.
Showered and ready for bed, iv crawled under the covers where I'm writing from now. I'm about to switch off and watch vlogs for an hour with a cup of lemon and ginger tea before attempting an early night. Such a nice evening!
What routine and products do your pampering sessions consist of? How do you like to unwind?


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