Wednesday, 15 October 2014

For those of you who know me, you will know that my mum is currently visiting me in the desert on a 10 day holiday.

She's staying in the Grand Hyatt hotel and being well and truely spoilt by the general manager, Christoph. Safe to say, she's having a ball so far!

I've managed to have a few days off work with her, and on the days where I do have to work, she has been filling her time with sunbathing, browsing the malls, relaxing, and lunching with Christophs lovely wife.

We've been to the Souq, dune bashing in the desert, smoked shisha, shopping at Villagio - all of the usual sight seeing, touristy things, along with many lovely (and some not so!) meals out.

One of these happened to be a 'meeting of the man & the mum' dinner, at Mykonos.

My parents met Matt briefly at the airport when we flew home together over the summer, but this was the first time him and my mum had had a proper chat. He was fuelled by a few beers, she was fuelled by a few wines, and I was sober as a judge due to my newfound resolution of not drinking alcohol.

They hit it off straight away!

There was a lot of laughter, banter, and photo bombing.

It was a lovely evening spent with two of my very favourite people - I just wish my dad could have enjoyed the night with us but he is currently cat-sitting back in the UK as he was unable to fly out with mum because of his lung.

He makes me deliriously happy :) *cringe alert*

That evening crowned off a lovely day. I was on my way home from work when I received a phone call from Matt to say that him and the guys (who had been down at the St Regis pool all day) had been offered a complimentary speed boat ride, which they were holding for me until I got there. I sprinted up to my apartment, threw on my bikini, and ran as fast as I could in my flip flops down to the St Regis.

The boys were already on board when I arrived, loaded up with beer, so I hopped aboard and settled down at the front (bow?!) of the boat with Matt.

We sped out to the Pearl...

..decided we would quite like to live here...

..and maybe even here...

After window shopping for real estate, we zoomed towards the city...

It was at this point that Captain Welsby took over the boat, and we all nearly fell in...even the captain looked a little concerned, and had to keep one hand on the wheel!

We stopped for a swim by the Museum of Islamic Art

All fun and games until the coast guard pulled up and gave us a ticking off! Back towards the city we went...

I do love a boat trip!

Back on dry land, I disappeared home to get ready for the meeting of the mum and the man, and left this lot to bundle into the jacuzzi for a manly evening of beer and cigars!


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  1. Looks like your mum had lots of fun! Glad your mum and matt hit it off! Lucky things with the boat ride too! xxx