Dinner in paradise

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Last night, PW & I hopped in a taxi and set off to the Grand Hyatt hotel for dinner.

The GM Christoph had kindly given me a voucher to use in any of the hotel restaurants, and knowing PW is a huge fan of steak, I decided to book in for dinner at The Grill. I emailed Christoph to the menu, said I was coming with the guy I like, and little did I know that he would go all out to make it a very special evening indeed.

We were led outside to our very own private dining area, with one table only set up for two, overlooking the pool and the beautiful gardens.


Wine ordered, we perused the menu, and out came the head chef to greet us, and to say the kitchen were there for anything that we may want. Top service!

We both opted for steak, and enough sides to feed a small army. The dangers of ordering when you're hungry!

Next out came the restaurant manager, to welcome us to the The Grill.

We ploughed our way through freshly baked sour dough bread and butter, and then our dinner was served by the head chef, restaurant manager, and our very sweet waitress.

Midway through dinner, Christoph popped by with his wife Rachael to see if we were enjoying our very romantic meal and setting.

After dinner, before even thinking about attempting pudding, PW and I took a stroll around the gorgeous Hyatt gradens, which look amazing at night.

I wanted to seize the moment and canoodle under the flowered archways like something out of a cheesy rom com but a Qatari couple were also wandering the gardens, so we thought better of it.

We headed back to our beautiful pool side spot, gathered our things and headed inside for pudding (which I demolished before taking a photo...chocolate fondant pudding lasts five seconds around me!)

To top off the evening, Christoph had two complimentary boxes of my very favourite cupcakes from the Biscotti cafe in the hotel sent over. So lovely!

We hotel hopped back to the St Regis and finished off the night with a cocktail in Hakkasan...I had my usual, The Hakka, so good!


Ran into my very favourite member of Regis staff on our travels - Gabriel, who looked after me and my parents so well when they were staying here and while I was ill. I wrote the GM a really long review and sung Gabriel's praises and I'm so glad I did because he was delighted to tell me that he had won Employee of the year! Totally deserved it, what a lovely happy man.


Needless to say I woke up this morning and started my day the healthy way ;)


Such a perfect night! Feeling a very happy girl right about now.


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