Doha Diaries: My week in pictures #3

Friday, 28 February 2014

This time last week, I had a rare Friday off work, so I participated in the most popular Friday activity in Doha - brunch.
Party dress...check. Brunch companion...check. Enormous appetite & massive craving for sushi...check.
Matt and I hopped in a taxi to the W hotel to see what the Market brunch had to offer. And it had to offer a LOT.

(Do not be fooled by my tiny sushi portion and untouched chilli watermelon martini, this was just one of about five starter plates)
For those unfamiliar with the concept of brunch, as I was before I moved to Doha, you basically pay between 300-400QR to go to one of the many hotel restaurants and eat and drink yourself silly for four hours. It's GREAT, and whoever came up with the idea deserves a massive pat on the back for being a genius.
I was so overwhelmed by the sushi station that I actually forgot to take a picture of time! Above is the dessert station...all the cakes and treats you could possibly eat, a pancake and waffle station, a cheese station...
Salads, carved meats...all washed down with never ending red/white wine or bubbles. Now that is how Fridays should be spent!

At the weekend my university friend Chris arrived in Doha as he is doing the security for a jewellery and watch exhibition taking place in Doha this week. He took me out for dinner at the Four Seasons hotel, where we had a great big long catch up (about five years worth!) over pasta and incredible chocolate pudding in El Teatro.

Full of incredible chocolate pudding goodness, we headed up to Chris' room so I could have the grand tour. We book a lot of our studio guests into the Four Seasons so it was great to finally be able to see what the rooms were like. The Four Seasons know how to stock a mini bar!

On Tuesday night Matt and I ventured to the Souq to purchase some new fish and plant life for his fish tank, and to have some dinner. We ate at Tajine, a Moroccan restaurant in the very heart of the Souq. We both opted for the mixed grill, and I sampled a pot of Moroccan tea, poured with expert skill from a very great height! (I was so mesmerised that as usual I forgot to take a picture). Now that hour weather is getting warmer, the atmosphere outside is great. We sat upstairs in a roof top courtyard, a movie playing on a projector, surrounded by the tempting smell of shisha, every table filled with people happily chatting, eating, drinking or smoking.

We hailed a taxi and headed back for Champions League and a very competitive game of Monopoly.

My day off on Thursday was spent in my all time favourite place, down at the beach on my door step :) settled into a comfy pod with music, magazines and some Hawaiin Tropic tanning oil, I was all set for a relaxing afternoon.
Until the lure of the inflatable trampoline and see-saw became too much. Needless to say I ended up falling off the inflatable see-saw!
Come 1 o clock, it was time to dry off and refuel, so we headed to Gordon Ramseys opal to sample their business lunch menu - three courses from a selected menu for 100QR. I opted for the grilled veg salad with goats cheese sauce, the turkey escalope, and the vanilla profiteroles.
To top off a week of excessive eating, I attempted a roast dinner (of sorts) with my very own home made Yorkshire puddings (under the watchful eye of an actual Yorkshireman)

Doha is officially going to make me fat.

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