Doha Diaries: My week in pictures #4

Sunday, 30 March 2014

I didn't do a whole lot at the back end of last week/front end of this week, because I haven't really been in the right frame of mind.
Iv been going into work, doing my hours, coming home and seeking refuge in the gym on my favourite treadmill.
Usually followed by a wonderfully relaxing session in the jacuzzi in my apartments.
Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have these facilities on my doorstep.
In an attempt to get out of my slump of a mood, Jemma and I decided a lunch date at our favourite cafe was on the cards. Nothing quite like a lunch at Paul to cheer a girl up!
After much deliberation of the menu, I settled on a pasta dish that I order every time because it's so good...but this time I think I had ordered it to death so it didn't taste quite as good. Next time I must try something different! Although I still recommend it...prawns, mushrooms and sun dried tomato pasta in a creamy and very mild mustard sauce. Mmm.
Jemma was very good and healthy and tried a delicious looking new Halloumi salad.
After lunch, we both had to get a few bits in Carrefour. A trip to Carrefour is never a particularly enjoyable experience, so afterwards we were feeling very sorry for ourselves and decided to grab a cake to go from Sugar & Spice.
Sugar & Spice is a gorgeous tea shop, vintage and homely in design, and a popular spot with Qatari locals. The place is always busy, and for that very reason I think I have always avoided even bothering to have a look.
As soon as we set foot through the door though, there was no way we were leaving with a takeaway cake. Everything just looked SO good! We were led to a table by a very friendly waiter and shown the menu....and what a menu!!

Our friendly waiter recommended the Goodie Jar, so on his excellent advice we both ordered a jar of naughtiness.
The whole place had such a great vibe to it...relaxed, friendly, welcoming...a place to go to switch off from work and just relax in a cosy setting with a delicious treat.

On Thursday night, our lovely neighbours Gary and Donna hosted a BBQ at our apartments. Everyone from work came, and it was a great buzz with good food, good music, and more alcohol than is probably even welcome in this country!
I couldn't resist nipping round the wrong side of the BBQ and donning the chefs hat

Meanwhile, actual chef Welsby did an excellent job of setting the place on fire.

As the afternoon turned to evening, the camera phones came out

Our hostess Donna looked fab..

Whilst I looked tipsy..cradling the strongest punch in the history of punch.
Ali and Gareth hijacked my iPhone for some attractive selfies
And I posed with sleepy, drunk eyes with Danny
..before deciding the best place for me was bed, by half past ten. Hardcore.
The morning after started with the only known hangover cure...cheese Saj. Thin, almost crepe like bread, encasing gooey melted mozzarella. For just 6QR...about an English pound. Mmm.

Last night Sara and I met up with one of my Doha pals, Nabs, who is sadly leaving for Dubai (although this gives me even more excuse to jet off for a weekend away, to visit!)
We went for steak and waffles at the Belgian Cafe, in the Intercontinental hotel, where I had hands down the best steak iv ever had! Medium rare..more on the rare side but absolutely delicious
The waffle let the side down unfortunately, but the molten Belgian chocolate sauce was delicious
I'm now sat in my room on Sunday night, happily blogging away whilst I SHOULD be packing my suitcase...because I fly home tomorrow night!!!
So so so excited.
Right, I must go. Will no doubt blog from the airport tomorrow night when I arrive about five hours too early like I did last time.

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