Saturday, 22 March 2014

My week started out lovely - dinner with PW at Hakkasan.

We met outside my apartment block and wandered down to the St Regis hotel, stopping en route to pose with the shiny Ferarri parked outside my building.

I rarely drink anymore, but Hakkasan do amazing cocktails, so I decided to indulge in one or two, while PW tucked into the red wine.

We ordered soft shell crab, duck rolls, stir fried beef and honey glazed Chilean sea bass (my fave)

The next day, my week took a downward turn as I had some horrible news from home. Nothing has been the same since, and more than ever I just want to be at home with my family and not waste another moment out here.

Iv been distracting myself with work, and hitting the gym. The good thing about running is that you can just zone out and not think about anything other than keeping going.

On Friday, I had the day off, and rounded up my workmates who were also off to partake in some Friday brunch antics. Endless glasses of wine seemed like the only thing to help keep my mind off things.

I met a very hungover Matt and Toddy outside the apartments on Friday morning - Jason didn't even manage to wake up! We hopped in a taxi to the Grand Hyatt, where we settled into our table outside in the sun.

The theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld', and we were handed out gift bags with makeup bags and perfume samples of the new fragrance. Annoyingly I got so drunk that I left mine in the bar!


The day passed by in a blur of sushi, BBQ food and never ending glasses of wine and bubbles.


Jason finally made it out of bed and joined us!

It didn't take him long to catch up, and soon the four of us were happily merry. After brunch we headed up to Dunes bar for a cocktail, and things got pretty ugly from there...




The party carried on back at the terrace bar at our apartments, as the guys indulged in a few more beers.

I'd reached my desired level of drunkenness and disappeared up to my apartment for water and to get changed ready for he Reggae BBQ beach party, where Jemma and I were off to meet some new Doha friends.

Didn't take any pictures in the evening, but Ryan and his friends were lovely and welcoming, and we sat chatting on the beach, listening to the brilliant resident Reggae band, until the heavens opened and we hobbled home as fast as our wedges would carry us.


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