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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Been a little while since iv blogged. As iv been a proper grump for the past couple of weeks iv thought it best to lay low to avoid any miserable blog posts. Had a lovely night out last night in the city with my flatmate Jemma so I thought I'd share some snaps of the night :)

We rendezvoused down by the pool at lunchtime to mull over where to go for dinner. One thing Doha does have, besides ridiculous 40 degree weather, is an abundance of restaurants of all cuisines to choose from. It makes picking a dinner spot extremely difficult. Do you go back to the amazing restaurant you went to last time because the food was so good and you know it won't dissapoint? Do you try somewhere new and risk it not being great, in the hope you'll find a new culinary gem? Do you head to a hotel restaurant to have wine and a cocktail with your meal, or do you go to one of Dohas more traditional areas and have an alcohol free dining experience? Decisions, decisions!!

We quite quickly decided that we wanted to try somewhere new, and have a cocktail or two in the process. It fell down to a toss up between Prime, an American steak house at the Intercontinental city hotel, whose rave write up in Time Out Doha's Best Restauraunt guide left us curious and keen, or Nusantao at the Four Seasons - a mix of a little bit of most cuisines.

We opted for dinner at Nusantao, and hopped in a taxi to the W Hotel to take full advantage of happy hour before our meal.

Being the little city that it is, we standardly ran into a group of guys from work in Wahm, but also made a few new Dutch friends who have invited us out into the desert to sunbathe, swim, drink and BBQ with them next time they go. New motto...say yes to more things!

We headed over to the Four Seasons and were lucky to get a table outside - such a lovely setting for a date (if you're lucky enough to get to go on those...) Que moment of pining for PW. Ok I'm done.


We had prawn tempura to start, along with chicken, shrimp and black truffle dim sum.

Jemma had teriyaki salmon for her main, and I opted for an Indonesian prawn dish which absolutely blew my head off (chilli..too.much.chilli) to the point where the waiter sent it back to the kitchen and got them to make me a milder version. Top man.

I was clearly in too much chilli fuelled distress to take any more pictures of anything. We basically filled our boots with food, and then headed home to bed. Lovely evening all round :)

Now to think of where to dine out next time!


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