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Thursday, 10 April 2014

I met up with two of my very best girl pals on Saturday night. It's been eight months since iv seen them - infact I haven't seen any of my friends since my leaving do, as when I came back for Matt & Hollys wedding in September there was literally no time to catch up with any of my friends.

I picked up Dani and Laura, and after some epic reunion hugs, we set off to St Albans for dinner at Prezzo. It was so lovely catching up with them, and made me realise just how much I have missed my genuine friends. Doha is full of people out to bitch and backstab, so it's hard to tell who is a genuine friend or who is going to go on to spout about your business to the next person they see. We chatted about anything & everything, and finished off the night with Prezzos awesome honeycomb cheesecake

Sunday was the day of my dads 70th party. All of our closest family & mum and dads friends gathered in our lounge, dining room, conservatory and garden to eat, drink & celebrate Raymondos birthday.

Mum outdid herself with the buffet... Sushi, prawns, smoked salmon, and more cheese than we even have at Christmas!

Mums friend Joan made dad a cake with '70' sparklers, which we lit and sang happy birthday and raised a glass. Dad looked so happy :)

Someone couldn't hack the pace of the party...

On Monday night, my best friend from ITV Vicky had arranged dinner and drinks in London with some of my old friends from ITV/Al Jazeera.

We met at Studio 6 like old times, and tucked into a bottle of Prosecco. We were joined by some of the guys, and met Carla and Alice at Thai Silk, shortly followed by my old manager Amy. Lots of good food and cocktails were had...and a few selfies were taken!




Was great to see everyone, but I definitely did not miss getting the last train home from London!

Last night I met up with two of my other besties, Sean and Crissy, at Pottys Pankcake house. Crissy brought her retro Polaroid camera so a few pictures had to be taken








Needless to say I ate too much food. This was always going to happen, and I'm slightly embarrassed to say that both of the next two pictures are of just MY dinner. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup followed by a Nutella Oreo pancake. Piglet much?!



Took my dad for lunch at the Gally Hall pub today. We sat outside in the sun as we had Weenie bear with us. I ordered the largest fish and chips iv ever seen, which I unsurprisingly couldn't finish (that's what daddy's are for..to finish what I can't!)

I wore my snazzy new chav trainers which I mock but secretly love a lot


(River Island current stock, in case you secretly love them too!)

I can't believe I only have a few days left of my holiday at home. It's gone way too quickly. I'm so nervous about going back and leaving my family and animals all over again to go back to the Big Brother bubble that is Doha.

The only things I'm looking forward to when I go back are the weather (40 degrees of glorious sunshine, yes please!) and to have a cuddle with PW who I may have missed a tiny bit while iv been home.

Half tempted to just stay here & not go back!


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