Doha Diaries: My week in pictures #5

Monday, 12 May 2014

Last week we had a girls night out - Donna and Hayley came over, popped open the bubbles, and then us and Sara hopped in a cab to the. Four Seasons party on the pier. It was so much fun and a gorgeous setting overlooking the Four Seasons hotel, the sea, the beach, and some incredible mega yachts.
The following day, with an incredibly sore head, I joined a group of work friends for brunch at Vine at the St Regis hotel. Vine is definitely my least favourite of all the brunches iv sampled in Doha. I think the service is rubbish, nobody is forthcoming with drinks, and the food isn't anything to shout about. I'm all about the sushi station and the sushi station as Vine doesn't impress me much (sing that like Shania Twain!)
I did get my picture taken with Didier Drogba mind you
On Tuesday, Jemma and I got our Qatari driving licenses!
If we both stay on for next season, we will be hiring a car to share, and will brave the bonkers roads of Doha.
A group of us got together for dinner at the start of the week. We all met for a drink at our pool bar, and then walked down to Katara for an Indian at Saffron. I love Katara - it feels like a little slice of culture on my door step.

The very next day, PW and I had a date. We are sort of back on...not together (still!!) but things between us are better than ever.

Anyone I can unleash my inner geek in front of and feel entirely comfortable with is a keeper in my book. We had a lovely meal and then for shisha and cocktails. We spent the whole night laughing. I'd go as far as saying it was one of the best dates I have ever been on :)
The following Friday involved brunch - a brand new brunch at Isaan, the Thai Restauraunt in the Hyatt, compliments of the general manager Christoph. The food was amazing - giant prawns on the grill, chicken and cashew curry, Phad Thai noodles...all served up fresh off the wok. Our lovely waiter showed us how to make Thai cocktails. Ginger, spring onion, vodka, lemon juice..tasted a little like drinking a Thai green curry, but was fun to watch him do his thing!

All topped off with Biscotti cupcakes :)

Saturday night was another date night with PW. We went to La Spiga at the W, which has fast become one of my favourite restaurants in Doha. Everything I ordered was delicious - a ball of creamy cheese with a roasted tomato to start, followed by delicious four cheese ravioli in a truffle cream sauce. PW opted for beef carpaccio (the plate was bigger than him!) and a pizza.
Would have been rude to not finish the night with a chocolate lava cake to share :)

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