Saturday, 29 November 2014

This week started out much like any other - a day in the office followed by an evening at home in my pyjamas, painting my nails and having a good old bit of 'Me Time'. 

Sunday evenings generally tend to be my pamper night, and it's a night of the week I very much look forward to!

After work on Monday, Matt and I went for a mooch around Landmark mall. He was after football boots, and I was after whatever I could get my hands on in a city where decent shops are few and far between. 

Needless to say, we both came away empty handed, but with very full tummies.

Matt and I are a bit obsessed with Elevation Burger at the Pearl. If you aren't into fast food, then it probably isn't for you, but if you love a good burger then Elevation Burger is the One. 

We had heard good things about Shake Shack burgers and decided to pop in for a bite to see how it compared to our favourite burger joint. 

I went for cheese on everything...

Filthy, right?

I had the double cheeseburger and cheese fries (piggy). The burger was almost as good as Elevation burger but there was something missing, and the menu lacked variety. At Elevation burger, you can pick your base and then pick your toppings, as many as you want, but Shake Shack doesn't have this option to customise. The fries were okay, but not as good as EB, even with the cheese sauce. Plus, Shake Shack is about double the price.

All in all, a fairly disappointing mall run!

I had the day off on Tuesday. I got up early for my Pilates class, and met Jem in the afternoon to go to the Gate Mall for lunch at Jones the Grocers. This was my first time, but I'd heard such good things so I was excited to see what it was all about.

Unfortunately I think I ordered the wrong choice, the Harissa spiced chicken with cous cous, in a bid to be healthy after my dirty Shake Shack burger. I thought the chicken tasted a bit rubbery, but maybe that was just me, as Jem ordered the same and enjoyed hers.

We looked up and spotted our friend Ade in the queue, and he came and joined us. I eyed up his Wagyu beef burger with envy!

We wandered over to Angelina after lunch as I had a craving for hot chocolate, and I'd read that their hot chocolate is to die for.

I'd heard right. It was like drinking molten chocolate bars - thick creamy chocolate melted down into a delicious cup of heaven. About £8 worth of heaven, so not a habit I particularly want to get into! Jemma ordered a £10 cake (!) and Ade spent about a months salary on chocolates to serve at an upcoming dinner party. An expensive trip for hot chocolate!

On Wednesday after work, Jemma and I hopped in a cab to Beverley Hills tower, to attend their Movember spa event at the b/attitude Spa.

We were greeted by friendly staff wearing moustaches, and were invited to have our pictures taken with fun props. Jemma and I got wiggy with it.

The spa had gone all out, laying on a buffet, canap├ęs, drinks, and treating all guests to complimentary mini back/neck/head/shoulder and hand massages throughout the evening, whilst relaxing on loungers by the pool. I don't know how much the night raised for Movember but I hope a lot as this was a fabulous night.

I think if I lived in the city, I'd want to live in Beverley Hills tower. The spa is great, and so much cheaper than any of the spas at the 5* hotels.

On Thursday I had the day off, so I donned my Little Bo Peep sun hat and met Matt for an afternoon of relaxation at the St Regis pool.

In the afternoon I caught up with home on FaceTime. My mum was preparing for a fete where she was making over 150 cupcakes to sell so she was very busy (her cupcakes are amazing), but I got to catch up with my favourite furry friend instead. I think I bored Molly to sleep with my tales of Doha. 
I miss this cat so much!

That night, Matt took me for dinner at Hakkasan.

We got dressed up, and wandered over to the world famous Asian fusion restaurant on our doorstep.

We ordered everything to share - salt and pepper squid and crispy duck rolls to start, beef in black pepper sauce and sweet and sour chicken for mains, with edamame egg fried rice.

It was lovely, and made a nice change to go to Hakkasan after not having been for a while. I still find it over priced for what it is, but it's a real special occasion restaurant and I love the ambience and the atmosphere. 

Next week it's my turn to pick a restaurant and take Matt out, so I have to have a think about where is best to go. Any Doha dwellers who can recommend a lovely restaurant - suggestions welcome!

By Thursday I had manifested a cold, so by Friday I was feeling particularly unwell. Come the evening, I hadn't eaten anything all day as I had felt so sick, so I cooked spaghetti bolognese for Matt, and he made garlic bread with cheese. We had our Italian feast before heading to his for a few episodes of 24. I'm so addicted to that show!

Which brings us to today, Saturday, the end of the week.

I spent today at work, and then came home and had dinner before sitting in the lounge catching up with Jemma, Marion and her friend Michael, who was dropping her to the airport. She is very lucky to be flying home to Germany tonight and then spending the month in America for Christmas! Not envious at all, whilst we are stuck here in the Doha bubble. Due to clashing schedules and busy work weeks, we've barely all had a chance to sit down together since Harriet's birthday brunch last week so it was lovely to have a catch up before her flight.

Now iv crawled into bed and will probably cap off my week by speaking to home, as I'm really missing my family at the moment, before a Lemsip and bed to sleep off this cold.

How was your week?

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