Saturday, 22 November 2014

This week started out by waking up with my man in our gorgeous hotel room in Sri Lanka. A breakfast dominated by croissants followed, before catching a couple of hours of sun by the infinity pool until an enormous thunderstorm forced us back to bed for a few episodes of 24.
When the rain finally stopped, we got ourselves ready for dinner and headed down to Pepper. I was so excited to be ordering the Enchiladas again - I'd accidentally ordered them as a starter a few nights before (they were listed under appetisers, so I can be forgiven for the mistake!) so I couldn't finish them before my main course. This time I'd saved room!
Unfortunately, something didn't agree with me, and midway through dinner I felt so unbelievably unwell! Straight to bed for me, I spent the whole night being unwell, teamed with fever and a deep ache all over my body. It was a relief when morning finally came after hours of pain and discomfort.
Monday was our final full day at the hotel, which we spent by the pool again to soak up as much sun as possible and to catch up on the sleep we didn't get the night before. Plus, I was in no fit state to be going out and about.

Matt made friends with this fun little guy, as I was such rubbish company.
The Fortress hotel offer a 'Dining Experience', which we had booked for our final night. They set up a private candle lit table out on the edge of the infinity pool, partly in the shallow water, which is lit up at night by tiny subtle coloured lights. They serve up 5 courses and bubbles, and we thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate our last night on holiday.
Unfortunately my body had other ideas and point blank refused to allow 5 courses anywhere near me, so we ended up having to cancel as I was still sick with food poisoning. Very disappointing, but we reasoned it certainly wouldn't be our last romantic meal together, so we could forsake it for now.
Tuesday was our final day of holiday. We squeezed in our last few hours of sunshine after breakfast before packing up the car and setting off. I was still sick so it was a horrible day having to travel two and a half hours in the car, a long airport wait and then a five hour flight back to Doha. I was very ready for my bed when we got home!
Wednesday and Thursday were straight back into work, with the evenings spent catching up with our lovely new flatmate Marion.
On Friday, Jemma and I both had the day off and had been invited to the lovely Harriet's birthday brunch. We hopped in a cab with Marion to the Four Seasons to ease her gently into the wonderful world of Doha brunches.
It wasn't long before we found ourselves in the chocolate cellar, which made us all very happy indeed!

We headed home for a quick rest and a change to flat shoes, before heading out to Sharq Village that evening to meet everybody at Sundowners. A very fun night with very fun people!
Tonight has been spent Facetiming home, finishing unpacking my holiday bits, and now I'm going to catch up on a few blogs and vlogs that I missed while I was away, before heading to Matts.
A positive week (minus the food poisoning), and the first of many I hope :)

How was your week?

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