Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What a whirlwind of a a couple of days.
My wonderful dad went into hospital two days ago to have his lung removed, following his diagnosis of lung cancer. Being a seven hour flight away and getting that news was tough enough, but not being there with him and my family the day he went in for his surgery was AWFUL.
Because I didn't want to be alone, I went down to the pool with Jemma. We stayed down there for hours, had some lunch, read magazines. It was almost like any other day off here except it felt so wrong sunbathing when my dad was having such an enormous operation.
He's now out of ICU and recovering in the ward. He's finding it hard to breathe and is in a lot of pain but all to be expected after something so serious. Can't wait to get home and see him!
PW got back from the UK the day of my dad's surgery, so it was a real relief to have him back for a cuddle after such a worrying day. He came baring gifts..
Can't beat a Creme Egg! And that shortbread was one of the best things iv ever eaten. Completely happy with my gifts, he then produces another one..
I was literally stunned. Not only because it's a Michael Kors watch but because he had remembered that I wanted to get a mini one for myself, and he said I deserved it after recent events. So, so thoughtful and sweet! I'm still grinning like a giddy school girl now. It needs a few links taken out but otherwise it's beautiful! A simple silver design that will go perfectly with almost everything and won't ever go out of style. The boy did good!
Last night we went for dinner at The Anvil Rooms, a steak Restauraunt on the 28th floor of the Tornado Tower in Doha's city centre.

The Anvil Rooms recently won an award for Best Steak House in Doha, and after our meal last night I could see why!
The waiter came over and explained the menu to us and talked us through the different steaks on offer. He was really knowledgeable about them all and was able to say which sauces would best accompany which steaks. PW opted for a 400QR beast of a steak while I went for a slightly more reasonably priced job....mistake!!! His steak was out of this world and I am now a firm believer that when it comes to steak, you get what you pay for.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
We started with cocktails, overlooking the view of the Corniche and the adjacent towers.

Backtracking slightly, I wore this new dress from Lipsy which I had shipped over
The waiter then brought over a basket of the most amazing freshly baked bread. Bread with (beef) bacon, cheese bread, sesame bread, pretzel bread...

It was at this point that PW declared his love for me

'I pretzel you'....awww.
Then came the steaks. And a stream of sides...buttered spinach, chargrilled asparagus, and crispy fries. The photos were too dark but it all looked and tasted great.
Dessert was a soufflé for PW, and a New York cheese cake for this one. It was amazing!
I am still full now! (Possibly because I had a packet of mini Oreos for breakfast followed by my heart shaped Costa jammy dodger. I am writing today off as a fat day)
Another lovely evening. Now back to the reality of working from home..on my day off...joy.

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