January/February Favourites

Monday, 17 February 2014

I love reading these posts from my favourite bloggers, so I thought I'd get involved and share my favourite products from the start of 2014.

Most of the below are new makeup purchases as my skin went a bit mental with breakouts and the dreaded shine after I came off my antibiotics post-hospital. Living in the desert, with a fast approaching summer of 40 odd degrees, finding products that keep shine to a minimum will be a godsend come May/June, so I'm quite glad iv now got these gems in my makeup bag.

BareMinerals Prime Time primer - an oil controlling primer which has made the perfect base for the rest of my shine control purchases


Benefit Erase Paste - this is absolutely no help for my shiny face, but it covers blemishes like no other! Iv never used a concealer that actually 'conceals' as well as this does. It's name is perfectly apt, it literally does 'erase' everything. Dark circles? What dark circles. Pores? Gone! It smells like blu-tac and is the consistency of toothpaste, but it's a winner if you can see past that.

Rimmel Stay Matte foundation - I've never used a mattifying foundation before and had visions of this being a nightmare to apply but I really enjoy using it. Iv found a colour that matches my pathetic attempt at a desert tan, and so far has kept my face shine free for the best part of the day.


BareMinerals Ready SPF 20 foundation - I buff in a layer of this over my Rimmel mattifying foundation, just for extra coverage. I love that you can build this foundation up to achieve the coverage you want. For days where my skin is behaving itself, or if I really don't want to wear too much makeup, il use this powder foundation on its own. I use R330 now that my skin has got a slight bit of colour to it as my previous colour paled me out a bit.

As iv cut right down on drinking due to my dodgy kidneys, iv found iv been treating myself to a lot more makeup than I would normally buy. The shine control products were necessity, but Benefit Coralista blush was a treat to myself. I've found that having a local Sephora store is a little bit dangerous for my bank balance!

BareMinerals Round The Clock waterproof eyeliner - I needed a new eyeliner, and this one took my fancy whilst I was perusing the BareMinerals counter. Its super black, and reminds me of the Barry M Eyeliner pen I used to love back home. Plus it stays put all day, bonus.

Maybelline Baby Lips - this lip balm is great! So moisturising, lasts for ages, and smells like Haribo (if you like that kind of thing!) plus it's SPF 20... I always neglect my lips when I'm sunbathing so this is a great little lip product for the desert. Sun protection without even having to think about it!

Barbra Daly Matte Perfection Pressed Powder - I actually stock piled this product from Tesco before I left the UK. It's brilliant! I always pat this on over the top of my makeup, and it instantly mattifies my skin. I carry it everywhere with me and will be repurchasing when I head home in April. Damn I miss Tesco!!!

Instant Calm - this is a brilliant product that was given to me as a sample by one of our studio pundits, Tony Dorigo, who's wife runs a cosmetic product business (google Skinkicks). This promises to soothe skin from redness and irritation and it does just that. I always put this on my face after sunbathing - it's a lovely, cooling product that soaks in quickly. Tony told me it has extract of liquorice which is apparently a natural soothing agent. Can't wait to try more products from the Skinkicks range!

My flatmate Sara bought me a set of Victorias Secret moisturises and body mists for Christmas, and from the set these are my absolute favourites. Whenever I wear these people comment on how good I smell (why, thank you very much!) I wear Vanilla Lace during the day, and Amber Romance in the evenings. Slightly addicted, and will be purchasing the full size versions when these miniatures run out (which won't be long, the way I'm getting through them!)

That concludes my monthly favourites for the start of 2014. I might try and steer clear of Sephora and attempt to save a bit of money this coming month!


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