One more sleep...

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

So I'm about to have my final sleep at home before getting up in about 5 hours to head to Heathrow and fly out to Doha...can't believe it's finally here!!!

Had an amazing last few days in the UK with my best friends and my wonderful family, literally been absolutely spoilt rotten with cards, gifts and meals out. Anyone would think it was my birthday!! Going to miss everyone so much. Got so tearful earlier saying goodbye to my brother and my sis in law, and I just know il be an absolute mess when I say goodbye to my parents tomorrow morning. I know il definitely cry saying goodbye to my cat and dogs too!!

Had the 'last supper' with my family tonight - my mum outdid herself with possibly the biggest roast dinner I have ever seen and a gorgeous home made vanilla, white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. She's a master chef for sure!


So when I land I'm booked in to a lovely hotel in Doha's West Bay area which will be my home for the next month. It's funny because iv always said I'd love to live in a hotel so now I can finally experience what that's like!

Luckily I am flying with one of my friends from my previous job and we've managed to get seats next to each other on the flight - poor Matt will have to put up with me clinging on to him for dear life when we take off and land!

Il leave you with an oh so exciting picture of my currency (Qatari Riyals) that I picked up earlier...haven't ever seen currency other than dollars and euros (except for GBP) so I got a bit excited by how exotic these look!


Next blog post will be from Doha!!


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