Sunday, 19 April 2015

On Thursday morning, I received the news from home that we all knew had been coming - the news that my wonderful Auntie Jan had passed away that morning after a very short battle with pancreatic cancer. It all happened so quickly - we were all sitting round the dining room table together on January 1st, seeing in the New Year and clinking glasses to a wonderful year ahead after how hard 2014 had been for our family. She wasn't feeling well, but none of us expected what was to come. In just four short months her health deteriorated rapidly, and all I can say is thank God I went home to see her in March.

It hasn't really sunk in yet, I don't think. I can't help but feel detached. Deeply, deeply sad but in a way so far removed from the reality of what has happened.

Maybe for now I've run out of tears, after so many nights of crying myself to sleep at how unfair it was that this terrible thing was happening to my wonderful Auntie Jan, with her doctors and loved ones completely powerless to do a thing about it, other than pray.

It is astounding how many people are affected by cancer in its many forms. It seems like everybody knows somebody who has, or has had, cancer.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that early last year my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, which completely rocked our lives. He had a successful operation to remove his lung and the cancer, and I am thankful every single day that I still have my dad in my life, and that he is healthy and well.

It is a ruthless monster of a disease, a disease that doesn't discriminate about age, gender or the lifestyle a person leads.

I just hope one day in the very near future a cure can be found.

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