Rain, rain, go away..

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Today I experienced bad weather in Doha for the very first time. I woke up to an overcast sky, a chilly temperature and a very wet and miserable view from my balcony.

Needless to say, sunbathing was out of the question so my flatmate Jemma and I took ourselves off to the Villagio mall for a spot of retail therapy.

After a fruitless browse around the slightly limited shops that the Villagio has to offer (I left pining for Oxford Street), we stopped for some lunch at Paul.

I know we have Paul in the UK, but iv never eaten there before, and I wasn't disappointed! The service was excellent - our waiters were so friendly, offering us a very warm welcome and a basket of freshly baked bread with oil and balsamic, and a dish of black olive tapenade (anyone who knows me well will know I LOVE black olive tapenade, especially at Jamie's Italian back home served with 'Worlds Best Olives On Ice!')


After deliberating over the menu, which all sounded amazing, we both opted for salads; mine a goats cheese with chicken; Jemma's - pumpkin, feta and puy lentils

Full on bread and warmed from English breakfast tea, Jemma and I browsed the rest of the mall, stopping for a quick snap with One Directions Zayn along the way

A quick stop for essentials in Carrefour and we were on our way back to our apartment. I Facetimed my parents (hi mum, I know you're reading!), made a quick dinner and headed to the boys apartment for a movie night.

The weather may have been horrible but proved that as long as you're in good company, a little bit of rain never hurts anybody :)


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