Cloudy with a chance of rain

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I woke up this morning to the biggest rain cloud clustered over Doha

Despite the storm, my colleague Mayur ventured over from the city to my apartment. We braved the rain and headed next door to the old Intercontinental hotel for lunch and a catch up.

After a quick look at the menus in the hotels many restaurants, we opted for a table in the restaurant immediately opposite reception (can't remember the name, bad blogger that I am); Mayur opted for a vegetarian club sandwich, and I went for a delicious tex mex chicken wrap, both of which came with amazing chips in mini fryer baskets.

I seem to have had my fill of chips recently. The night before last, my friend Matt and I finished up at work and headed home in a cab, and conversation turned to the North (Matt is from York). We ended up talking about how I'd never been up north, and Matt couldn't believe I'd never had chips and gravy. We detoured to the mall, and he bought a box of steak frites and chicken gravy from KFC, the best he could do given our current location in the desert! I'm officially converted :)

This was followed by a box of Dunkin Donuts (I had a craving, it needed satisfying!)

It's almost like winter in England - because the weather is so bad, I want to hole up indoors, be warm, and eat lots of comfort food. I know as soon as the sun comes out I'll be dreading putting the bikini back on after a week of comfort eating and no exercise!

It doesnt look like we'll have too long to wait for the nice weather to return....I'd better get myself in the gym!


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