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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

So I might have lied about blogging more when I got back to Doha from the UK after an amazing few days at home with my family for my big brothers wedding. Here's a few snaps from what was probably my favourite day ever, followed by a whole load of pics from returning to the desert and moving into my amazing new apartment




The wedding day flew fact, the whole weekend flew by, and before I knew it I was back at Terminal 4, demolishing a 'healthy' breakfast before boarding the plane back to the desert

One night was spent back in the hotel, before moving out the next morning into my gorgeous new apartment with the girls. My view is ridiculously good (stole this photo from Will, he's pretty good with the Instagram !) it looks a lot further away but Doha city is a stones throw from my balcony.





I spent my 26th birthday in the desert too - a lovely day by the pool and opening presents solo in the apartment. The girls came home from work and we popped open the Prosecco, and they surprised me with gorgeous gifts and a cake, before we headed out to meet the whole work gang at the Four Seasons beach party

The rest of the month has been spent working, eating, drinking, and spending time with Doha friends





If only it could be good times, all the time. Doha has the potential to be such an amazing place, but at the same time it's hectic, chaotic and suffocating, and only those who are out here too will fully get what I mean by that. Hopefully now that iv become an official resident of Qatar, and once I'm fully settled into my job and my life here, things will start to get better...


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