Homeward bound!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I am really, really, really bad at travelling.

Up until about 6 hours ago I had managed to not only lose my work VISA but also lose my flight confirmation, and up until an hour ago I didn't realise I needed to do an online check in and print my boarding pass.

Sometimes it amazes me that I manage to get by on a day to day basis, literally the blondest, scattiest person ever!

I'm currently sat in Doha International airport, far too early for my flight to England which doesn't take off for more than two hours (another scatty travel error of mine, not knowing how early to get to the airport). It's 04:25 and I haven't slept for fear of not waking up for my airport alarm and in the hope that for once in my life I might actually get some sleep on the plane. As I was en route to the airport, curled up in the back of my Audi A6 hotel car (120 riyals well spent, I don't remember the last time a Karwa car driver asked me if he was driving at the right speed for my comfort), I heard the call to prayer and mentally tried to picture whether there is a Mosque anywhere near the apartment I'm moving into next Tuesday (thankfully not, just an awesome pool and beach). Didn't envy the people staying in the hotel next door to that Mosque!

I spent my last night in Doha being treated to the delights of the Thai restaurant in the Grand Hyatt hotel, by Isis, the hotels sales manager. We had lemon & ginger tea (refilled constantly throughout the night), and I had an incredible berry mocktail that I'm kicking myself for not writing down the ingredients of. Isis ordered us the tasting menu which consisted of a huge selection of dishes from across the menu (more dishes came after I'd taken this picture)

The food was incredible, not surprising that iv been told by several reliable sources that its the best Thai in Doha!

After dinner I went home to pack (and flap about my lost documents for ages until finally finding them sensible filed away somewhere, crisis averted) before offloading all of my belongings on my poor boss Sara, including three towel elephants (hilarious watching her carrying these in the lift) which will take pride of place in my bathroom in the new apartment

And now here I am, bored out of my mind waiting for my check in desk to open, writing a sleepy rambling blog post.

Knowing my luck, il fall asleep and miss my flight anyway.


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