Tuesday, 2 June 2015

When I say 'collection', my perfume stash is more of an 'accumulation' - I didn't set out to specifically purchase all of the perfumes that currently take up every available surface in my bathroom.

Over time, they just gradually multiplied. A bit like what shoes do, you know? And handbags, for that matter.

I realised as well after I had taken the photos of my hoard, that there were some that I hadn't included, so this isn't even all of them. It is safe to say that I am overrun!

Introducing, my perfume collection:
Calvin Klein Into You / Hugo Boss Orange / Paco Rabanne Lady Million / Michael Kors Sexy Amber / Chloe by Chloe / Giorgio Armani Armani Mania

Yves Saint Laurent Elle / Juicy Couture Peace Love & Juicy Couture / Mont Blanc Femme Individuelle / Prada Candy / Victorias Secret Angel / Calvin Klein Euphoria / Givenchy Play

I'd love to say that I have my 'signature scent', the one scent that identifies and defines me, but there are so many amazing perfumes out there that I love and enjoy wearing, that it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one.

That being said, I do have my favourites. Some have been relegated to an 'overflow' bag under the sink, and these I dip in and out of occasionally. Others take pride of place on the shelf in my bathroom, and these are the scents I tend to reach for on a daily basis.

I tend to alternate between Calvin Klein Into You, Paco Rabanne Lady Million and Giorgio Armani Armani Mania for my day time scents, which I'll spritz before I leave the apartment in the morning.

At the moment, Michael Kors Sexy Amber is my handbag fragrance, and comes to work with me every day. As a result, I end up layering this on top of one of the scents I spritz in the morning which is illogical but never mind! It's tiny and handbag friendly - some of the others are epic beasts of bottles that just aren't practical to carry around on a daily basis.

YSL Elle is probably my favourite evening or going out scent and the one I wear the most. I couldn't describe this fragrance if I tried, it just smells amazing. I was at a friends house one evening years ago and his uber glamorous model sister walked past wearing this and I knew immediately that I needed it in my life. Hugo Boss Orange is another favourite evening scent. Both are relatively clutch-bag friendly in terms of size so I can bring them with me on a night out.

For some reason I tend to spritz Chloe by Chloe when I go to the gym...I don't know why, it's just the one I always reach for!

The rest I tend to spritz randomly when I'm in the mood for something different. Lately I have been rekindling my love of Victorias Secret Angel - it is super sweet but I really like it and the bottle is stunning.

Do you have a signature scent? Altneratively, what is your favourite fragrance?

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