Fit for '14

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In my quest for a healthy and happy 2014, the time has come to embark on a full cleanse of my body and mind.

"Treat your mind with the same respect you treat your body. Consider unhealthy thoughts the same way you do unhealthy food. Set limits and focus on what will nourish you."

With the above quote in mind (taken from Katie Pipers book 'Start your day with Katie' - 365 affirmations for a year of positive thinking), out with unhealthy thoughts and unhealthy food, and in with positivity, happiness, and a good old New Years health kick.

Today has consisted largely of healthy eating, a hefty dose of vitamin D in the form of an afternoon in the sun with friends, followed by a healthy dinner at a lovely Armenian restaurant in Katara - homous, olives, chicken kebab and roasted vegetables, washed down with a pot of fresh mint infused hot water. So good!

The evening was rounded off with a very short and easy going mini workout in the gym (watching Ali, Jason and Jemma working out felt like a workout in itself!) followed by a jacuzzi and sauna session with Sara.

The only challenge on my quest for my health and fitness quest will be resisting my love of naughty but nice food, not helped one bit by the fact I have the worlds largest box of chocolates to be working my way through...may need a little help with this one.

Any takers?!!



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