Day 15 in the Big Doha House..

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hello! Haven't updated in forever.. The last two weeks have literally been a repetitive whirlwind of work, hotel, work, hotel. We are yet to see any of the city at all! My first day off is looking like next Thursday, so few more days of Big Brother house syndrome to go!

Literally the majority of my time has been spent working and then unwinding for an hour by the pool...
Iv even been too tired for the gym...which is bad as I keep eating monsters like this...!
The other night, the company laid on the most impressive feast for the English and Arabic studio guests, all catered for by the Movenpick hotel. Literally never seen anything quite like it. I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to but this will be a regular occurrence on our huge studio nights so hopefully il take some another night. We were invited to dip in...and we didn't need asking twice. Never seen prawns quite so big!!

I also bought a Qatari mobile phone which has proved so useful. And it's pink! Although I have no idea how to work it..

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